Who Manufactures Black Max Chainsaws? A Guide

Who Manufactures Black Max Chainsaws? A Guide

Black Max chainsaws have earned a reputation among DIYers and professionals for their dependable performance and rugged durability. In this guide, we’ll uncover key details about who makes these saws and what sets them apart from competitors.

When tackling yard projects requiring a chainsaw, it’s important to have a powerful, reliable tool you can count on to get the job done right. With a variety of models featuring sturdy components and user-friendly designs, Black Max chainsaws fit the bill for many users. But who is the manufacturer behind these popular chainsaws?

Who manufactures Black Max chainsaws?

who manufactures black max chainsaws

When you pick up a Black Max chainsaw, you’re getting over a century of manufacturing expertise and innovation. Stanley Black & Decker Corporation crafts these saws in their American facilities using proven techniques and high-quality materials.

Stanley Black & Decker Corporation

The company behind the trusted Black Max brand has been a leader in the tool industry since 1843. Stanley Black & Decker Corporation makes an array of residential and commercial power tools, hand tools, storage, and security hardware. Their portfolio includes other prominent brands like DEWALT, CRAFTSMAN, and PORTER-CABLE.

With decades of experience developing and producing all types of equipment, Stanley Black & Decker has the knowledge and resources to build Black Max chainsaws capable of taking on the toughest jobs. Their saws feature sturdy enclosures, durable chains and bars, and easy-to-use tensioning systems—all hallmarks of a manufacturer focused on performance and reliability.

Stanley Black & Decker operates manufacturing facilities across the United States and globally. 

Skilled workers assemble Black Max chainsaws at their plants using proven manufacturing processes and stringent quality control. This attention to detail ensures each saw meets the brand’s high standards.

Honda Engines Technology

Providing power to Black Max chainsaws are dependable engines from industry leader Honda. These Japanese-engineered motors are revered for their smooth, quiet operation and longevity. Honda’s four-stroke engine technology provides reliable starting with reduced emissions.

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For over sixty years, Honda has been a trusted name in small engine design. Their GX series commercial-grade engines are found on a variety of outdoor power equipment. Black Max chainsaws utilize Honda’s GX engines to deliver steady, maintenance-free performance saw users expect.

Pairing Honda’s technologically advanced powerplants with Black Max’s rugged saw designs results in a lineup of chainsaws ready to take on tough cutting jobs. Users can feel confident starting even the coldest engine thanks to Honda’s superior design. With Honda providing the power, Black Max saws have the muscle and stamina to make quick work of backyard projects.

Where are Black Max chainsaws made?

Proudly designed and assembled in America, Black Max chainsaws are manufactured at Stanley Black & Decker facilities located across the United States. Sources indicate their saw production takes place at plants in South Carolina and Illinois.

Made in the United States

As an American company, Stanley Black & Decker pledges to keep tool production in the USA whenever possible. Their focus on domestic manufacturing showcases their commitment to quality and boosts the local economy. Skilled workers take pride in crafting Black Max chainsaws trusted by homeowners and professionals.

Stanley Black & Decker operates 28 manufacturing facilities in total that produce Black Max saws along with their lineup of power tools and accessories. State-of-the-art automation combines with hands-on techniques to build chainsaws ready for the toughest jobs.

Purchasing an American-made Black Max chainsaw supports local jobs and the nation’s manufacturing industry. Users can feel good knowing their durable, high-performance saw came off an assembly line at one of Stanley Black & Decker’s U.S. plants.

Black Max Chainsaw Models

The Black Max chainsaw family includes a range of models with gas or electric power tailored for everything from limb trimming to storm cleanup. Their saws feature rugged components and handy features suited for both amateurs and frequent users.

2-Cycle 18″ Chainsaw

Model: BM38184

With an 18-inch bar and powerful 38cc 2-stroke engine, this muscular saw can make quick work of medium-sized trees and brush. Weighing in at a manageable 13 pounds, the BM38184 combines smooth operation and easy handling. Key features include:

  • Centrifugal chain brake for kickback protection
  • Translucent fuel tank for at-a-glance fuel level checks
  • Automatic bar and chain oiler for continuous lubrication
  • Adjustable chain tensioner for quick, tool-free chain adjustments

This midsize workhorse has the versatility to take on backyard cutting tasks like pruning limbs or sectioning logs with its rugged construction and steady acceleration.

2-Cycle 16″ Chainsaw

Model: BM3716VNM9

Black Max’s 16-inch electric chainsaw packs impressive cutting ability into a lightweight saw perfect for household use. The BM3716VNM9 offers good power-to-weight balance aided by smart ergonomic design. Notable features include:

  • 37cc 2-cycle engine provides steady acceleration
  • Inertia chain brake activates in case of kickback
  • Built-in automatic oiler keeps the chain lubricated
  • Easy-access chain tensioner simplifies adjustments
  • Weighs only 10 pounds for easy maneuverability
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With its compact size and vibration-reducing handle, this nimble electric saw handles light-duty cutting jobs with ease. It’s a great choice for homeowners.

Why choose Black Max chainsaws?

Black Max built its reputation by making durable, high-performing chainsaws suitable for homeowners and professionals alike. Their saws stand out for their proven quality, strength, and user-focused features.

Quality and performance

Each Black Max chainsaw undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal power, acceleration, and runtime. Honda engine technology provides smooth, dependable operation saw users can count on. Sturdy drive sprockets and hardened chrome-plated chain bars hold up to steady use.

Owners praise the steady acceleration and low vibration levels of Black Max chainsaws. Meticulous engineering and assembly results in tools ready to take on tough jobs.

Reliable engines from Honda

All Black Max chainsaws utilize premium Honda GX Series engines chosen for their reliability and efficiency. These compact four-stroke motors deliver quiet, low-emission operation thanks to advanced technology.

Starting a cold engine poses no issue for Honda’s commercial-grade powerplants. Their superior engineering ensures fast, easy startups even in cold weather. Owners can power through yardwork confident their saw won’t let them down.

Durable construction

From the chain bar to the fuel tank, Black Max chainsaws are built from quality materials to withstand steady use. magnesium crankcases and hardened sprockets resist wear and tear during operation. Users find these saws hold up season after season.

Rubber vibration-reduction handles keep operation comfortable while also protecting internal components. Handguards shield users from flying debris. Little touches like metal bucking spikes add durability.

User-friendly features

Designed for simplicity, Black Max chainsaws possess features for easy use and maintenance. Tool-free chain tensioners make quick work of adjustments in the field. Automatic chain oilers eliminate guessing by providing continuous lubrication.

Translucent fuel tanks allow monitoring fuel level at a glance. Built-in brakes reduce risk of kickback injuries. Together, these convenient touches enhance the functionality and safety of Black Max chainsaws.

Alternatives to Black Max chainsaws

While Black Max remains a popular choice among homeowners and professionals, competitors like Husqvarna, Echo, and Craftsman also manufacture quality chainsaws. Here’s a brief look at how these brands compare.


Husqvarna is a trusted Swedish brand offering a wide selection of gasoline and battery-powered chainsaws. Their lineup ranges from compact consumer models to rugged professional-grade saws. While on the higher end price-wise, Husqvarna saws win praise for their power and smooth cutting performance.


Best known for their string trimmers, Echo also produces capable midpriced chainsaws for casual users. Their gas-powered models offer a balanced mix of weight, power, and features. While not considered heavy-duty saws, Echo chainsaws earn positive reviews from homeowners.

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Now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, the Craftsman label offers an affordable lineup of electric and gas-powered chainsaws sold through retailers like Lowes. While more budget-friendly, Craftsman chainsaws remain capable options for basic use thanks to trusted Craftsman engineering.


For anyone in the market for a chainsaw, Black Max remains one of the most recommended brands among both amateurs and professionals. Their reputation for rugged reliability comes from decades of manufacturing experience and strict quality standards.

Backed by industry leaders Stanley Black & Decker and Honda, Black Max chainsaws represent smart investments for tackling yardwork. Models ranging from compact electric saws to powerful gas-powered cutters are designed to provide years of smooth, trouble-free service. Those needing an affordable saw that can stand up to steady backyard use would be wise to choose Black Max.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of Black Max chainsaws?

Black Max chainsaws range in price from about $150 for basic electric models up to $400 for heavy-duty gas saws. Their mid-tier gasoline-powered saws cost around $200-$300. This puts Black Max at an attractive price point between DIY brands and premium pro models.

How do Black Max chainsaws compare to other brands?

Testers often rank Black Max as comparable or even superior to competitors like Echo and Husqvarna for build quality, power, and features. Their saws provide professional-level cutting capability at just a fraction of the pro model prices.

What are the maintenance requirements for Black Max chainsaws?

Like all chainsaws, Black Max models require regular chain sharpening and replacement when dull. Bar and sprocket replacement may be needed after extensive use. Otherwise, they typically just need fuel and bar oil top-offs along with air filter cleanings.

Are Black Max chainsaws suitable for professional use?

While geared primarily for homeowners, Black Max’s more powerful models pack the punch needed for sustained commercial cutting. Many tree services, landscapers, and arborists appreciate their combination of durability, reliability, and affordability.

What safety features do Black Max chainsaws have?

Chain brakes, front handguards, anti-vibration handles, and chain catchers come standard on Black Max chainsaws. Some models add options like reduced kickback bars and chain brake inertia technology for additional injury protection.

How do I choose the right Black Max chainsaw for my needs?

Consider the typical size of wood you need to cut. Smaller electric models work fine for light branch trimming while larger gas-powered options are best for cutting logs or felling trees. Also factor in power, bar length, weight, and if you prefer gas or battery chainsaws.

Where can I buy Black Max chainsaws?

Black Max chainsaws are sold at home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. They can also be purchased online through retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Chainsaw dealers may also carry Black Max models.

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