Who Makes Jonsered Chainsaws? A Comprehensive Guide

who makes jonsered chainsaws

Hey there, chainsaw enthusiasts! If you’re like me, knowing who makes your power tools is just as important as how well they work. When it comes to chainsaws specifically, the name Jonsered has been around for a long time and with good reason – they make some of the best chainsaws out there.

In this post, we’re going to take a deep dive into Jonsered chainsaws. We’ll look at who actually manufactures them, the history behind the Jonsered brand, their most popular models, where they’re made, and more. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Who Makes Jonsered Chainsaws?

who makes jonsered chainsaws

In a nutshell, Jonsered chainsaws are made by Husqvarna AB, a Swedish company that acquired Jonsered back in 1979. Since then, Jonsered has been part of the Husqvarna Group, producing rugged and reliable chainsaws alongside Husqvarna’s other outdoor power equipment.

To expand a bit more, the Jonsered brand has been around since the 1950s, when it started making its own chainsaws. The company was acquired by Electrolux in the 1970s before Husqvarna came along in 1979. So while Jonsered operates under its own brand name, it’s really Husqvarna that owns and manufactures the chainsaws bearing the iconic Jonsered name.

A Brief History of Jonsered

To appreciate the quality of Jonsered chainsaws, it helps to understand the brand’s origins. Let’s take a quick look back at some key points in Jonsered’s history:

Founding and Early Years

The company was founded in Sweden in 1954 under the name AB Jonsereds Fabrikers. After initially producing lawn mowers and timber harvesters, Jonsered introduced its first chainsaw model in 1959 – the iconic Jonsered 621. This helped establish the brand’s reputation for high-performance chainsaws.

Introduction of the First Chainsaw

That first chainsaw model mentioned above, the 621, was a big deal for the company. Bringing a chainsaw to market helped Jonsered diversify beyond just timber equipment. The 621 was innovative for its time, featuring advanced vibration damping and a one-hand chainsaw clutch.

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Acquisition by Husqvarna

In the late 1970s, Electrolux purchased Jonsered and operated the company until 1979. That year, Husqvarna AB bought Jonsered from Electrolux and has owned the brand ever since. This provided Jonsered with more resources and the production capacity of Husqvarna’s factories.

Jonsered Chainsaw Models

Jonsered’s chainsaw lineup includes something for everyone – from homeowner-friendly models to professional-grade saws. Here are some details on what they offer:

Range of Models

Jonsered makes over a dozen different chainsaw models ranging from lightweight electric saws to heavy-duty gas saws with 70+ cc engines. Popular models include the Jonsered CS 2250 turbo chainsaw, the CS 2238 mid-size saw, and the compact CS 2141.

Features and Specifications

Across their range, Jonsered chainsaws feature impressive power-to-weight ratios, anti-vibration technology, side-mounted chain tensioners, and optimized center of gravity. Their performance specs like horsepower, cutting speed, torque, and filtration set them apart from competitors.

No matter what type of cutting you need to do, Jonsered makes a saw that can handle it while providing the reliability the brand is known for.

Where Are Jonsered Chainsaws Manufactured?

While the Jonsered brand traces back to Sweden, their chainsaws are now made all across the globe. Here are more details on Husqvarna’s manufacturing for Jonsered chainsaws:

In short, Jonsered chainsaws are produced in Husqvarna’s network of factories located in several countries. They don’t publicly share an exact count, but Husqvarna does operate 20 manufacturing facilities spread throughout 10 countries. This global production capacity lets them efficiently manufacture Jonsered chainsaws to meet demand.

Husqvarna’s Worldwide Facilities

To give you an idea of Husqvarna’s manufacturing footprint, some of their factory locations include: Sweden, the United States, Brazil, France, Austria, Russia, New Zealand, Poland, and more. They have a very robust worldwide operation!

Other Brands Under Husqvarna

In addition to Jonsered, Husqvarna Group owns other outdoor power tool brands like Gardena, McCulloch, Poulan Pro, and Diamant Boart. They have a diverse portfolio of brands and products!

The Quality and Reliability of Jonsered Chainsaws

There’s a reason Jonsered has stuck around the chainsaw industry for over 60 years – these saws are built to last. Here’s a quick rundown of why Jonsered saws are so reliable:

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Jonsered chainsaws have earned a stellar reputation among professionals and homeowners for their rugged durability. The brand prides itself on designs that minimize vibration, reduce fatigue, and give users more control over the saw. Many users report their Jonsered saws lasting for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Key Features of Jonsered Saws

A few standout features that contribute to a Jonsered chainsaw’s performance include:

  • Rapid acceleration – Jonsered saws fire up quickly and maintain their chain speed well.
  • Balanced power – There’s no shortage of raw torque while still keeping the saw controllable.
  • Vibration damping – Their patented anti-vibe tech makes a noticeable difference during extended use.
  • Clean Power engine tech – Advanced fuel systems, filtration, and adaptive carburetors on pro-grade models.

Between the materials used, ergonomic designs, and latest tech, you can’t go wrong with a Jonsered for a powerful, smooth cutting experience.

Jonsered Chainsaw Accessories and Parts

Like any power tool, Jonsered chainsaws eventually need replacement parts and accessories. There are a few good options out there specifically for Jonsered models.

In short, you can find chainsaw accessories and replacement parts for Jonsered models from a variety of aftermarket companies. Most parts like guide bars, chains, and filters are pretty universal across brands. But for older and discontinued models, there are specialty suppliers focused solely on Jonsered.

Guide Bars and Chains

Popular aftermarket brands like Oregon and Rotatech manufacture guide bars and chains designed to fit Jonsered saws. These are available at most hardware stores and online retailers.

Rotatech in particular makes guide bars sized specifically for different Jonsered chainsaw models. They have an interchangeability guide on their website to help you find the right replacement.

Older Jonsered Parts

For vintage Jonsered chainsaws, a company called Chainsawr stocks a wide selection of parts. Their website has an impressive catalog of components for older Jonsered models going back to the 1960s through the 1990s.

Some examples of classic Jonsered saws they have parts for include the 621, 801, 2036 Turbo, and 2153. So if you inherited your dad’s old Jonsered, Chainsawr is a great resource.

To Wrap Up!

We’ve covered a lot of ground here on the origins, manufacturing, and evolution of the Jonsered chainsaw brand. The key points to remember are:

  • Jonsered chainsaws today are made by Husqvarna, after their acquisition in 1979.
  • Jonsered has a rich 60+ year history as a pioneer in chainsaw technology.
  • Their chainsaws are known for power, reliability, and smooth operation.
  • Parts and accessories are readily available if repairs are needed down the road.
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I don’t know about you, but after learning about the brand’s heritage and reputation, I’m confident saying Jonsered makes some of the best chainsaws money can buy. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the company behind the iconic Jonsered name. Let me know if you have any other chainsaw-related questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jonsered chainsaws still being manufactured?

Yes, Jonsered chainsaws are still being actively manufactured by Husqvarna in several countries around the world. They continue to release new chainsaw models bearing the Jonsered name.

What is the relationship between Jonsered and Husqvarna?

Jonsered operates as its own brand but is fully owned by Husqvarna AB. All Jonsered chainsaws are made in Husqvarna’s factories since their acquisition in 1979.

Are Jonsered chainsaws suitable for professional use?

Absolutely. Jonsered offers several pro-grade chainsaw models designed for demanding use by loggers, arborists, and other professionals who need maximum power and durability.

How do I find parts for older Jonsered chainsaw models?

For vintage or discontinued Jonsered models, aftermarket parts suppliers like Chainsawr specialize in replacement components for older Jonsered saws. Their website catalogs a huge selection of parts dating back decades.

What are some popular Jonsered chainsaw models?

Some of their most popular current models include the Jonsered CS 2250 turbo chainsaw, the mid-range CS 2238 saw, and the lightweight electric CS 2141 model suited for homeowners.

How do I maintain my Jonsered chainsaw?

To keep your Jonsered saw running strong, be sure to regularly clean it, inspect/replace the chain, check the air filter, and properly store it to prevent corrosion. The owner’s manual provides detailed maintenance guidelines.

Where can I find user manuals and customer service for Jonsered chainsaws?

Jonsered product manuals and customer support information is available on the Husqvarna website. You can also call their customer service line or speak with an authorized Jonsered/Husqvarna dealer for assistance.

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