What Is a Chainsaw Rake?

What Is a Chainsaw Rake?

For your safety and to do the necessary chainsaw maintenance, it’s crucial to understand how your chainsaw works. But it can be challenging to keep track of with so many components. Do you know what a chainsaw rake is? 

 A chainsaw rake is a specialized tool that is attached to the end of a chainsaw and used to clear brush, leaves, and other debris. It is a useful tool for forestry and landscaping work, allowing you to clear large areas quickly and efficiently.

 Chainsaw rakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be used to clear debris from both flat and sloped surfaces. They are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with teeth that are sharp and resistant to wear. Chain saw rakes are a valuable addition to any chain saw owner’s toolkit, allowing you to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease.

 Let’s examine the information you need to know about chainsaw rakers.

What Do Chainsaw Rakers Do?

what is chainsaw rake

Chainsaw rakers regulate how far into the wood the chainsaw’s tooth cutter pierces. They essentially stop the tooth’s edge from biting too deeply into the wood. Rakers aid in determining the depth of the wood cut by the teeth cutters. Your chainsaw tooth will make a different-sized bite if the rakers are uneven, and you won’t have a nice cut. If you don’t correct it, it might also harm the chain and teeth of your chainsaw.

What Are Chainsaw Rakers Used For?

The rakers on a brand-new chainsaw tooth should already be set correctly, but you may always ask your provider to make sure.

 The rakers will require minor maintenance as you use the chainsaw and the chain becomes dull. You will see that the top of the tooth cutter usually slips back and is a little higher than the raker if you inspect your chain. The top of the tooth cutter slightly descends as you sharpen the chainsaw chain. Make certain that the top of the teeth cutter does not extend lower than the top of the raker. Otherwise, your chainsaw’s teeth won’t look smooth and it won’t cut straight.

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What Upkeep Is Necessary For Chainsaw Rakers?

Every time you sharpen your chain, you should examine the chainsaw rakers. The depth gauge is often stamped with the correct angle the proper raker depth. If you are unable to locate it, you can common size speak with the chainsaw manufacturer, who will be able to advise you on the best chainsaw proper angle accessories. The ideal raker height for the material you want to saws and the chain pitch you want to utilize will be determined with their assistance. It’s crucial to perform this maintenance check on proper angle your chainsaw rakers since a chainsaw file with improperly positioned rakers is harmful to run. It results in inconsistent cuts and raises the possibility of chain pitch kickback.

For all professional chains, 0.025″ is the standard and advised height for a chainsaw raker. Anything less than that implies you’ll have to crank up the saw’s power. Rougher cuts, operational weariness, a higher chance of kickback injuries, and a shorter chain life cycle are other consequences. The teeth on your chainsaw bar chain rakers will continue to cut thinner chips until the raker is completely worn down if you don’t perform routine maintenance checks on them. This will eventually prevent your chain saws from cutting at all. Sometimes all you need to do is sharpen your chainsaw bar chain. You could 6 inch require a fresh chain at other occasions. Every time you use your chainsaw file, make sure the rakers are in good guide bar condition for your safety.

How To Measure Chainsaw Rakers?

Using a raker/depth gauge, chainsaw rakers are measured. By serving as a kind of ruler, the raker gauge establishes the correct height of the raker. You must determine the raker height indicated by the stamp on the raker. To determine how high the rakers on that chain are supposed to be, look for a small number stamp. The raker gauge is then used to determine whether the raker’s top is at the correct height. You can use this to determine how much you need to lower your raker to accommodate your chain. The size of the rakers should always be at an angle in relation to the cutter length. 

 For this reason, you should spend money on a good raker gauge. They frequently cost less than $10, which is not all that pricey. You can measure many heights using the raker/depth gauge, which is useful for cutting various materials. Hardwoods and softwoods require different raker heights, and you can measure both with the same raker gauge. This is a necessity if you plan to file your own chainsaw rakers. This is how you will determine the height of each raker and ensure that they are all the same. If you don’t, you risk having uneven rakers, which will result in chain kickback and increase your risk of injury.

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How Do I Determine Which Chainsaw Rakers I Require?

Depending on the material you wish to cut and the chainsaw chain you select, you will require different chainsaw rakers. If you’re unsure, you should talk about this with your chainsaw supplier.

 Grab your depth gauge tool once again if you already have your chainsaw and chain but are making sure you have the correct-sized rakers. The rakers of the depth gauge tool should rest in the groove as you mount it on the chain. You must file the raker’s tip down if it is visible above the groove. You can tell your raker is too high by looking at it. The ideal flat-file tool to use while filing your chainsaw raker is one of superior quality. File always in the same direction that you filed the cutters

What Does A Chainsaw Rake Do?

The rakers are relatively small, thus one file stroke may occasionally be sufficient. On your chainsaw chain, you might not always need to file every raker. Everything is based on how well-maintained your chain is.

 The front corner profile of the raker is the only thing you really need to be concerned about during filing. In order for this component to pass through the wood without difficulty, it must remain rounded. The best method for doing this is to use the file to lightly brush off the front corner. This raker corner shouldn’t be filed down continually because doing so will make it flat. This will make the chain incapable of cutting effectively.

 You must keep your chainsaw rakers in good working order because they are crucial to your chainsaw’s capacity to actually saw anything. Always have a depth gauge on available to measure the height of your rakers before using your chainsaw. Make sure to schedule routine chainsaw maintenance inspections and to always inspect the rakers. You want to avoid putting yourself at risk of harm from uneven rakers at all costs!

Safety Tips For Using Chainsaw Rake

It may be simple and effective to remove debris from your property using a chainsaw rake. If not handled correctly, it can potentially be a harmful tool. We’ll give you some very important safety advice for using a chainsaw rake.

Wear suitable safety equipment.

When using a chainsaw rake, it is essential to wear the appropriate safety gear. This includes a hard hat, strong work boots, safety glasses or goggles, and earplugs. You should also put on safety goggles and gear that covers your arms and legs.

Learn how to use the chainsaw rake.

Read the instruction handbook in its entirety and become familiar with the chainsaw rake before using it. Before using the safety features, such as the safety lock, pay close attention to them and make sure they are working properly.

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Check the Work Area

Look over the work area and clear it of any obstacles that could cause you to trip or fall, such as rocks, tree stumps, or other debris. Make certain that no onlookers are nearby and that they are aware of the potential risks associated with using a chainsaw rake.

Exercise Correct Technique

It’s crucial to use the right technique when utilizing a chainsaw rake. Always maintain a firm grasp on the tool and operate the chainsaw rake with both hands. Avoid using the instrument when atop a ladder or while standing on shaky terrain.

 Regular Maintenance

To keep your chainsaw rake in good shape, give it frequent maintenance. This calls for regularly lubricating the chain, honing the blades, and cleaning the instrument after each usage. Before usage, check for any broken or loose parts. 

You can lessen the possibility of getting hurt when using a chainsaw rake by paying attention to these crucial safety advice. Remember to dress safely, familiarize yourself with the instrument, inspect the workspace, use good technique, and maintain the tool on a regular basis. Use a chainsaw rake to maintain your property safely while also taking advantage of its practicality and effectiveness.

Final Word

An instrument that combines the functions of a chainsaw and a rake is known as a chainsaw rake. It is primarily used to clear your property of brush, branches that have fallen, and other debris. The device has a chainsaw blade coupled to a rake, making it simple for the operator to cut and move material simultaneously. Although the item might be useful and effective, it is crucial to use it with the correct safety measures to reduce the danger of injury. You can easily maintain your property without risking your safety if you know what a chainsaw rake is and how to use it safely.


Can you rake debris with a chainsaw on any kind of debris?

Debris like leaves, twigs, and small branches are the finest materials for a chainsaw rake. It is not advised to use it on larger branches or logs because doing so could harm the tool and endanger users.

What advantages does employing a chainsaw rake offer?

When cleaning up waste from your yard, using a chainsaw rake can save time and labor. Your lawn or garden might benefit from an overall improvement in both beauty and health.

Are there any additional uses for a chainsaw rake than removing debris?

A chainsaw rake can be used for a variety of jobs, including dethatching lawns and raking gravel, even though its main function is cleaning waste.

Are beginners able to use a chainsaw rake with ease?

It can take some getting used to using a chainsaw rake, particularly for novices. Before utilizing the item, it’s critical to familiarize yourself with it and follow correct safety procedures.

How should I care for my chainsaw rake?

To keep your chainsaw rake in good shape, routine maintenance is essential. This entails washing the tool after each use, honing the blades, and frequently lubricating the chain. Before using, make sure there are no loose or broken pieces.

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