In-Depth Review of Ryobi Chainsaw 40v Chainsaw

ryobi 40v chainsaw review

As an experienced tree surgeon, I have had the opportunity to use various chainsaws over the years. However, the Ryobi Chainsaw 40v chain saw really stands out due to its amazing features, exceptional performance, and unmatched reliability.

To start with, this chainsaw comes equipped with a powerful brushless motor that is capable of delivering up to 14.5m/s chain speed. This means that you can cut through thick wooden logs with ease while ensuring precise cuts every time. What’s more, this chainsaw features an automatic oiling system that ensures that the chain stays lubricated throughout the cutting process.

Being a seasoned specialist in using chainsaws, I was eager to put this battery-powered machine to the test and see how it measures up against other chainsaws on the market. With its powerful 40V lithium-ion battery and 14-inch bar, this chainsaw promises to be a convenient and cordless option for light to medium-duty cutting tasks.

In this Ryobi 40v Chainsaw review, we’ll take a closer look at what sets the Ryobi 40V Chainsaw apart from other battery-powered chainsaws, and help you decide whether it’s the right fit for your specific cutting needs. So, let’s dive in and see how this chainsaw stacks up!

What Makes Ryobi Chainsaw 40v Chainsaw a Good Option in 2024?

ryobi 40v chainsaw review

The Ryobi Chainsaw 40v has been a popular choice among consumers in recent years, and it promises to hold its ground as a reliable and efficient tool for domestic and professional use in 2024. This chainsaw offers an impressive balance between power and user-friendliness, making it a standout option in the chainsaw market.

One of the most notable features of the Ryobi Chainsaw 40v is its brushless motor technology. This technology allows for greater power output and efficiency while reducing the chance of wear and tear on the motor, making it a notably durable option.

Another advantage of the Ryobi Chainsaw 40v is its battery life. The chainsaw comes equipped with a 40-volt lithium-ion battery that provides users with up to 75 minutes of continuous runtime, making it possible to tackle more extensive jobs without the need to recharge. Additionally, the battery is interchangeable with other Ryobi 40-volt tools, allowing for greater versatility and convenience.

Our First-Hand Ryobi 40v Chainsaw Reviews of 2024

I couldn’t wait to dive in and explore Ryobi 40v Chainsaw’s potential. Upon receiving the package, I was struck by its attractive design and professional-looking packaging. The box was sturdy and well-labeled, giving me confidence that the contents inside would be equally impressive.

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As we eagerly unboxed the Ryobi Chainsaw 40v chainsaw, we were struck by its sleek design and ergonomic grip. The chainsaw is lightweight at only 10 pounds, making it easy to handle and maneuver. The packaging was secure and protected the chainsaw and accessories.

First Impression

Upon first sight, we were impressed by the quality of the chainsaw. Its heavy-duty construction and sturdy build instilled confidence that this chainsaw was built to last. The battery was easy to install and charged quickly. The chainsaw also came with a bar and chain oil, which was a convenient addition.

Testing Phase

To put the Ryobi Chainsaw 40v to the test, we took it out to a local forested area to cut some fallen branches and small trees. The chainsaw started easily with the push of a button and the pull of a trigger. We were pleased with its power and precision, as it easily sliced through branches and tree trunks up to 12 inches in diameter.

The chainsaw also had some useful features, such as a chain brake that automatically stops the chain from rotating when not in use, and a safe lockout switch that prevents accidental start-up. The automatic oiler kept the bar and chain lubricated during extended use, which helped prevent wear on the chain.

Technical Features of Ryobi Chainsaw 40v chainsaw You Need to Know

This chainsaw boasts not only impressive power and cutting ability but also a range of technical features that make it stand out above its competitors. Here are some of the features that I found during my Ryobi 40v chainsaw review. 

Brushless Electric Motor

The chainsaw features a high-performing brushless electric motor that produces more torque, resulting in powerful and precise cuts. As mentioned previously, I was able to cut medium-sized wood logs with ease using this chainsaw.

In addition to its impressive power, the electric motor is also optimized to produce less noise, ensuring that you won’t be disturbed while using it, even if you’re not wearing ear safety pods.

Another great feature of this tool is its ability to increase cutting speed, making your work less time-consuming and effort-intensive. For example, if it takes two minutes to slice wood using a typical battery chainsaw, the Ryobi 40v can complete the same task in just one minute, allowing you to accomplish your tasks more efficiently. With its powerful motor and increased cutting speed, the Ryobi 40v is a reliable and effective tool for all your cutting needs.

Bar and Sharp Chain

The 14″ bar on this chainsaw features a powdered coating finish that provides resistance against corrosion and rust, ensuring that it can penetrate firewood material with ease. Additionally, the chain is equipped with sharp spikes and a cutting interface, making for an efficient and effective cutting experience.

The brushless motor on this chainsaw provides improved torque, enabling the chain to move effectively and resulting in a convenient cutting interface. With its powerful combination of a coated bar and spiky, sharp chain, this chainsaw is built for precision and reliability in all of your cutting tasks.

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Bubble Level

The bubble level is a tool that allows you to measure the levelness of a surface. It works by reflecting a bubble within a vial of liquid, showing you whether a surface is level or not. The Ryobi Chainsaw 40v features a durable and high-quality bubble level that is integrated into the body of the chainsaw, providing an accurate reading of the chainsaw’s orientation.

The bubble level system of the Ryobi Chainsaw 40v is crucial in ensuring that the chainsaw is positioned correctly when cutting. It helps to ensure that the chainsaw is not leaning to one side, which could cause the blade to bind and potentially kick back. The bubble level system helps to maintain proper cutting angles for accurate and efficient cutting, and keeps the chainsaw in balance.

Easy Handling

In the world of chainsaws, the Ryobi 40v chainsaw is a popular choice among professionals and hobbyists alike. This chainsaw is designed for easy handling and comes packed with several technical features that set it apart from its competition.

The most notable features of the Ryobi 40v chainsaw is its easy handling. This chainsaw is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, making it easy to hold and maneuver. The handle is designed to be comfortable to grip and provides excellent control, even when working in difficult positions. With the Ryobi 40v chainsaw, you can operate the chainsaw with ease and complete your work efficiently.

Battery Power

One of the impressive features of this chainsaw is its battery power. The 40 volts lithium-ion battery provides a longer runtime compared to other cordless chainsaws. The battery is designed to last longer, ensuring continuous performance during prolonged use.

With a fully charged battery, you can use the Ryobi 40v chainsaw for up to 30 minutes, depending on the type of cut and the density of the material you’re cutting. This battery power makes it the perfect tool for extended projects, as you won’t be limited by the availability of power sources. Its cordless nature enables you to cut anywhere, without the hassle of tangling wires or being restricted by cord length.

Responsive Variable Speed Trigger

The chainsaw is equipped with a variable speed trigger that allows you to control the speed and pace of your cutting tasks with ease. The trigger is designed to be smooth, responsive, and ergonomically positioned, ensuring that you can cut down firewood without any worries or discomfort.

With this innovative feature, you can adjust the speed and pressure of the chainsaw to suit your specific needs, making it easier than ever to achieve the precise cuts you need. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, the variable speed trigger on this chainsaw is sure to make your cutting tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

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Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Ryobi 40v Chainsaw-


  • The Ryobi 40v chainsaw features a high-performing brushless electric motor that produces more torque, resulting in powerful and precise cuts.
  • The chainsaw’s electric motor is optimized to produce less noise, allowing you to work without disturbing others.
  • The variable speed trigger allows you to control the speed and pace of your cutting tasks with ease, making it simpler to achieve precise cuts.
  • The chainsaw increases cutting speed, making your work less time-consuming and effort-intensive.
  • The 14-inch bar is coated and resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring that it can penetrate firewood material with ease.
  • The chainsaw is equipped with a safety lockout feature, preventing accidental start-ups and ensuring user safety.


  • The chainsaw’s battery life may be limited and require frequent recharging for longer use.
  • Users may need to purchase additional batteries or a charger separately, which can add to the cost.
  • The chainsaw may not be as durable as some competing models, requiring more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Customer Ratings

Ease of Use: 9

Power and Performance: 8.5 

Durability: 9 

Handling: 8.7

Overall Ratings: 8.8

Expert Opinions

Michel Decroix from Workshop Addict said, “The Ryobi 40v chainsaw is a cordless, battery-powered chainsaw that is designed for light to medium-duty cutting tasks such as pruning, limb trimming, and felling small trees. It features a 14-inch bar and chain, and a brushless motor that delivers high power and efficiency.

Based on various reviews and feedback from experts and users, the Ryobi 40v chainsaw offers several benefits. For starters, it’s very convenient to use since it doesn’t require a power outlet or gas supply. It’s also relatively quiet and produces zero emissions, making it ideal for use in residential areas or places where noise and pollution are a concern.

The brushless motor is also a notable feature of the Ryobi 40v chainsaw, as it delivers a high level of power and efficiency while being durable and long-lasting. Additionally, the chainsaw is relatively lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver.

Why get on Ryobi Chainsaw 40v chainsaw in 2024?

Firstly, its cordless design offers a level of convenience that traditional corded or gas-powered chainsaws can’t match. You don’t have to worry about being tethered to a power outlet or dealing with the hassle of mixing gas and oil. This makes the Ryobi 40v chainsaw an excellent choice for use in remote areas or on job sites without easy access to power.

Another compelling reason to choose the Ryobi 40v chainsaw is its eco-friendliness. The chainsaw produces zero emissions, which makes it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious users. You can use it without worrying about polluting the air or the ground, and you don’t have to deal with any unpleasant fumes or odors. This makes it a great option for residential use or in areas where noise and pollution are a concern.

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