Michael Boyle - Founder of Chainsaws Finder

Michael Boyle is the founder and main driving force behind Chainsaws Finder, where he serves not just as the administrative head but also as the main author of the website’s plethora of insightful articles and how-to guides. Hailing from Texas, Michael has spent more than two decades in the chainsaw industry, working in various roles that range from hands-on repair and servicing to advisory capacities. His comprehensive expertise makes him a reliable authority in the field, a fact reflected in the highly informative and trustworthy content found on Chainsaws Finder.

An Expert in the Industry

Michael’s rich background in the chainsaw sector gives him a unique edge when it comes to understanding both the mechanics of these powerful machines and the various needs of those who use them. Whether you are a professional logger, a homeowner with a backyard project, or someone in between, Michael’s guidance proves invaluable. His expertise comes from years of hands-on experience, making Chainsaws Finder a go-to resource for anyone seeking reliable information and services related to chainsaws.

A Visionary Leader

What sets Michael apart is his visionary approach to chainsaw care. Recognizing a gap in the market for a one-stop, reliable service and information source, Michael founded Chainsaws Finder in 2022. His vision is straightforward yet impactful: to empower chainsaw owners to perform any task efficiently and safely by providing them with top-quality service and trustworthy advice.

Contributions to the Community

But Michael’s contributions extend beyond Chainsaws Finder. He is also actively involved in various community outreach programs, frequently offering free workshops and safety clinics. His commitment to sharing knowledge and promoting safe chainsaw practices makes him a respected figure not just within the industry but also in the broader community.

Looking Toward the Future

As Chainsaws Finder continues to grow, Michael is keenly focused on the road ahead. He aims to continually expand the services offered, possibly opening new locations and offering a wider range of online consultations and resources. With Michael Boyle at the helm, the future of Chainsaws Finder—and its community of loyal users – looks incredibly bright.

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