How to Hang a Chainsaw?

how to hang chainsaw

Having a reliable chainsaw is essential for tackling yard work and logging tasks. However, keeping your chainsaw in optimal condition involves proper storage and maintenance. In this guide, I’ll provide tips on how to hang a chainsaw for storage and how to solve the common Stihl chainsaw problem of the bar not getting oil.

How to Hang a Chainsaw?

Hanging your chainsaw is one of the best storage options to keep it secure, protected, and out of the way. Here are some effective hanging storage ideas:

Wall-Mounted Holder Hooks

Heavy-duty steel hooks screwed into a wall stud or mounted into concrete provide a secure way to hang a chainsaw vertically. Make sure the hooks are rated to hold the full weight of the chainsaw, chain, bar and all. I prefer to use two hooks spaced about 16 inches apart to distribute the weight.

Chainsaw Storage Racks

Storage racks let you organize multiple chainsaws in one place. Look for a rack made of strong steel that will prevent tipping when you take a saw on or off. Weight should be spread across the rack, not focused in one area. Securely mounting the racks to a garage wall is ideal.

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Chainsaw Storage Chest

A chest or toolbox is useful for protecting your chainsaw from dirt, moisture and damage when not in use. Look for a storage chest with plenty of padding inside that’s large enough to hold the chainsaw securely without cramming it in. The lid should close tightly. Make sure to place the chest somewhere easily accessible.

How to Hang a Chainsaw? A Quick Guide of 2024


Regularly cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating your chainsaw will help prevent many issues, like oil flow problems. Properly hanging your saw keeps it secure between uses. Follow these chainsaw storage and maintenance tips to extend the life of your saw and allow it to operate safely and smoothly when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store my chainsaw horizontally?

Yes, you can store a chainsaw horizontally. Just make sure it’s positioned to prevent oil leaks and damage to the bar. Place it on a padded shelf or storage rack. Storing vertically is ideal to prevent oil drips.

What type of oil should I use for my chainsaw?

Use a high-quality bar and chain oil designed for chainsaws. Never use old motor oil or mix fuel oil. Bar oil is specially formulated to cling to the bar and chain while cutting.

How often should I clean my chainsaw?

Clean the chainsaw every time you use it. Pay special attention to the air filter, bar, chain, and sprocket cover where sawdust collects. Clean these areas with a brush and compressed air.

How do I know if my chainsaw’s oil pump is working?

Check that the bar and chain are getting adequate oil flow each time you cut. See if oil slings off the tip of the bar when running. If not, the pump may need repair or replacement.

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Can I use a chainsaw bag for storage?

Yes, a chainsaw bag provides an easy way to transport the saw and protect it from dirt, debris and damage. Look for a bag made of durable, heavyweight material with extra padding.

What are the risks of improper chainsaw storage?

Storing a chainsaw improperly can lead to damage from moisture, dirt, falling, or tipping over. Oil leaks are also a concern. Always store the saw somewhere secure and dry.

How can I prevent my chainsaw from leaking oil during storage?

Clean the bar oil port and chain to remove debris before storing. Store the saw upright or with the bar side up to prevent leaks. You can also install a plug in the oil hole. Allow the saw to cool before storing.

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