How To Get Chainsaw Unstuck? A Complete Guide

how to get chainsaw unstuck

Chainsaws are strong, adaptable instruments used for many cutting operations, such as tree falling, trimming, and cutting firewood. Even seasoned chainsaw operators, nevertheless, occasionally run into situations where their chainsaw bar becomes stuck. Getting a chainsaw unstuck can be difficult and sometimes dangerous, whether the chain is jammed in the bar, trapped in a branch or wood, or both. 

 We will look at a number of techniques in this article to safely and successfully get your chainsaw unstuck and back in working order. By following this blog, you may protect your chainsaw bar from harm, stay safe, and swiftly resume your cutting chores.

How To Get Chainsaw Unstuck?

How To Get Chainsaw Unstuck? A Complete Guide

To get your chainsaw unstuck, first check to make sure that the chain has not been damaged or broken. If it is still intact, try turning the chain tensioner and releasing the chain to loosen it up. 

If that doesn’t work, you can use a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to try and carefully pry the chain off the rocket. Lastly, if none of these techniques, you may need to call an experienced professional for help. Here are some steps to follow-

  • Understand the issue
  • Loosen the tension
  • Use a wedge
  • Utilize a Pry Bar
  • Use a Come-Along
  • Use a winch

Understand the Issue

Assess the issue before taking any action to free your chainsaw blade from its current jam. Determine how and where the chainsaw blade is stuck. Look for any potential hazards or obstacles that could impede your progress. Assess the log or branch and determine the safest and most effective way to remove the chainsaw.

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Loosen the Tension

By changing the tension screw or knob, loosen the chainsaw chain’s tension. This will make it possible to loosen the chain brake and remove the chainsaw with less difficulty.

Use a Wedge

You can use a wedge to help free the chainsaw if it is caught in a log. Make a cut in the log near to the chainsaw’s stuck spot first. After that, widen the cut with a wedge to let go of the chainsaw’s tension and remove it.

Utilize a Pry Bar

You can also use a pry bar to free the chainsaw from a log. Put the pry bar underneath the chainsaw and slowly raise the bar to free the chainsaw.

Use a Come-Along

A come-along is a tool that can pulll the chainsaw out of a stuck position. Secure the come-along to a nearby tree or sturdy object and attach the other end to the chainsaw. Use the come-along to pull the chainsaw out of the stuck position.

Use a Winch

If the chainsaw is stuck in a large log, a winch may be required to remove it. Secure the winch to a nearby tree or sturdy object and attach the other end to the chainsaw. Use the winch to slowly pull the chainsaw out of the log.

What Causes Chainsaw Get Struck?

The primary cause of this issue is the lack of proper maintenance and sharpening of the chainsaw blades. Dull or blunt blades are more prone to get stuck while cutting through branches or logs. Additionally, the use of chainsaws for cutting materials they are not designed for, such as metals or concrete, can also lead to blade jamming. 

Other factors like incorrectly tensioned chain brake, poor lubrication, and debris buildup in the chainsaw’s motor can also contribute to the blades getting stuck. Hence, it is necessary to ensure proper maintenance, adhere to safety guidelines, and use chainsaws only for their intended purposes to avoid getting them struck during use.

Worn Out or Damaged

Chain that is worn out or damaged can quickly become wedged in the wood, making it challenging to remove the saw blade.

Chain Pinched

When cutting branches or logs, the weight of the timber may cause the chain to pinch, trapping the saw blade in the material.

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Using the second chainsaw incorrectly, such as cutting close to the ground or using the chain’s tip, might result in the second chainsaw being stuck.


Chain that is too slack fuel or damaged may cause the chainsaw to become misaligned with the bar and become trapped in the wood.

Operator Error

By using the chainsaw fuel incorrectly or failing to focus on the cutting task at hand, inexperienced or careless operators can cause the chainsaw to become stuck.

Chainsaw Overheating

If the chainsaw becomes too hot, it downed tree may seize up and get stuck.

When using a chainsaw, it is crucial downed tree  to take the appropriate safety precautions and procedures to avoid being trapped. You may reduce the possibility of the chainsaw getting stuck by keeping the chain crisp and taut, operating the chainsaw correctly, and paying attention to the cutting task at hand.

How To Sharpen Chainsaw To Avoid Unstricken?

To sharpen your chainsaw, start by ensuring it’s fully turned off and disconnected from any power sources. Remove the chain from the saw and clamp it onto a vice or hold it steady with a screwdriver downed tree. Use a round file of the right size to sharpen each tooth in a steady, uniform motion. 

Check that each tooth is at the same length and angle for optimal damage performance. Finally, reattach the chain to the saw, adjust the tension, oil it, and conduct a test run to ensure it’s functioning well. Regular chainsaw maintenance is critical in preventing accidents and prolonging the tool’s life.

Determine the Correct File Size

First, determine the correct file size for your chainsaw chain. The file size will vary depending on the chain’s pitch, which damage is the distance between the links. For information on the proper file size, consult the chainsaw’s owner’s manual or the chain’s package.

Chainsaw Security

To keep the chainsaw from moving while being sharpened, secure it in tire a vice or clamp.

Identify the Cutting Teeth

Identify the cutting teeth on the chain. These are the teeth that face forward on the chain.

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Position the File

Position the file on the cutting tooth at the correct angle. Check the owner’s handbook or the chain’s packaging for the proper angle because it will vary based on the chain’s tire manufacturer.

Sharpen the Tooth

Using a smooth, consistent motion, file the tooth until it is sharp. Be sure to maintain the correct angle while filing. File each cutting tooth the same number of times to ensure even standing tree sharpening.

Sharpen the Rakers

The rakers, or depth gauges, control how much the cutting tooth removes with each pass. If the rakers are too high, the chainsaw will cut slowly and will be more prone to kickback. Use a depth gauge tool to file the rakers down to the correct height tree trunk. Check the owner’s manual or the chain’s packaging for the correct height.

Final Word

Having a chainsaw get stuck can be annoying and possibly trick dangerous. However, if injury you adhere to the above guidelines, you can safely unstick standing tree trunk your chainsaw. Keep the chain tensioned and crisp, handle the chainsaw correctly, and concentrate on the cutting task at hand to minimize injury the likelihood of the chainsaw being stuck. Always use caution and the appropriate safety gear when using a chainsaw. 

If you need assistance getting your chainsaw unstuck or need information on small tree how to maintain and sharpen it, consult a professional or the chainsaw’s owner’s manual. You may prevent accidents and guarantee that your chainsaw operates as efficiently as possible by taking the required steps and practicing safe chainsaw operation.


Can I use a chainsaw to cut frozen wood?

Cutting frozen small tree wood with a chainsaw is not recommended as it can dull the chain quickly and increase the risk of the chainsaw becoming stuck.

Can a dull chain cause a chainsaw to get stuck?

Yes, a dull chain can cause a chainsaw to become stuck in the wood, as it is large tree less effective at cutting through the wood.

Can a pinched chain cause a chainsaw to get stuck?

Yes, a pinched chain can cause a chainsaw to become trick stuck in the wood. To prevent this, make sure to properly support the large tree wood while cutting.

What should I do if the chainsaw chain becomes loose?

If the chainsaw chain becomes loose while cutting, turn off the engine and tighten the chain. A loose chain can cause the chainsaw to become stuck or can even come off the bar.








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