How Much Is Cord Of Wood? 

 How Much Is Cord Of Wood? 

Many homeowners are starting to store up on firewood as the colder months approach for their fireplaces, wood stoves, and outdoor fire pits. However, because firewood comes in a variety of sizes and quality, determining how much to buy and how much it should cost can be challenging.  

In addition to offering a full analysis of a cord of wood, this blog post offers some practical advice on how to measure, purchase, and store firewood.

How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Cost?

how much is cord of wood

A cord of wood typically costs $300, but depending on the season, the type of wood, and the source, prices can range from $120 to $900. A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked logs. This huge volume is frequently utilized in homes where burning wood in a fireplace or stove serves as the main source of heat.

State and geographic differences affect the cost of a cord of wood. In heavily forested areas, firewood is more plentiful, keeping cord prices low. No matter how much local wood costs, buying it locally is healthier for the environment. It keeps pests and exotic plant species from entering nearby woodlands via firewood. If you can, wood species stay away from items like “beetle kill pine”.

How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Weigh?

One of the most popular methods of measuring wood is by the cord of firewood, which is also the standard measurement accepted by hardwood both buyers and sellers. Many terms, like face cord, running cord, and stove cord, are related to the word cord. The US and Canada, however, recognize the word “cord of wood” as having legal standing.

A cord of wood often has the dimensions 4*4*8, or 4 feet broad, 4 feet high, and 8 feet long. The cord has a 128 cubic foot volume. Many buyers and sellers select this as their preferred standard measurement. When purchasing firewood, be sure the phrases being used in the measurements are accurate to prevent confusion.

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A cord of wood might weigh more or less depending on a number of variables. The degree of dryness, the species of the wood, and the degree of greenness are some of the determining criteria.

A typical cord of wood weighs between 2000 and 3000 pounds, though. This weight is based on the assumption that the wood is well cured and is not greenwood. The weight varies because the various types of wood have various properties. As a general rule, the volume and weight can differ by up to 25%. 

What Is A Cord Of Wood?

As a line, thread, or cord was used to bundle the wood, it was once employed to measure firewood. The amount of wood needed to build a stack that is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet high is equal to one cord. Or, to put it another way, it is a 128 cubic foot stack of wood.

Make sure you purchase firewood in cords rather than other measurements like face cords or rick cords, which are smaller and may be deceptive as to how much wood you are actually getting. A cord of wood is the industry standard for measuring firewood.

How To Measure A Cord Of Wood?

In order to comprehend what a cord is, one must go back in antiquity and comprehend the significance of the imperial system in valuing commodities and goods for trade. The cord measurement, in hardwood addition to the stere measurement, was used for commercial purposes, and for these purposes, the wood was sold in stacks tied softwood together by a cord of rope, as the name suggests.

A cord of firewood now measures 128 cubic feet, with the most common stack size being 8′ × 4′ x 4′. It’s also vital to note furnace cord that hardwood the dry wood stacks are properly arranged and contain almost any air. In particular, softwood is used to measure chopped firewood that has been stored furnace cord in preparation for the oncoming cold seasons. 

However, it is appropriate to measure cords of stacked logs as well, providing the gross volume and making the trades easier to turn. A cordwood is equivalent to a pile that is 1.22 meters high, 1.22 meters deep, and 2.44 meters long. This pile’s dimensions translate to 3.62 cubic meters in the metric system.

How To Find the Cheapest Fire soft wood? 

There are a few choices to think about if you want to locate the cheapest kiln dried firewood available. Here are some pointers for locating inexpensive firewood in your area:

Examine online classifieds

Checking online classifieds websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace is one of the simplest ways to get inexpensive kiln dried firewood nearby. Many people utilize these websites to sell extra buying firewood, frequently for less money than you would pay in a shop.

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Consult with nearby tree removal businesses

Check with nearby tree removal companies as another source for cheap seasoned firewood. These businesses could be prepared to sell you the wood for less because they frequently have buying firewood extra lumber that needs to be thrown out.

Make a fast web search for nearby tree removal businesses or contact nearby landscaping or gardening firms. Ask these businesses about the kind and quality of seasoned wood they offer, as well as any delivery or pickup choices, when you get in touch with them.

Investigate bulk discounts

You might be able to benefit from bulk savings if you can afford to buy a bigger quantity of seasoned firewood. If you buy a particular number of cords, such two or three cords, many suppliers may offer cheaper costs per cord.

Make sure to compare pricing from several vendors when purchasing seasoned firewood in bulk and enquire about any delivery or pickup costs. Make sure you have adequate room to store the wood correctly as well.

Look for “Green” or “Unseasoned” stacked firewood.

Search for wood that has the designations “unseasoned” or “green” if you’re having trouble finding economical stacked firewood. This indicates that the wood has not yet dried completely, which could lead to a cheaper price.

How To Store A Cord Of Wood?

To keep your quarter cord of wood dry and ready to burn, it is crucial to store it properly. Here are some specific actions to do in order to store your firewood:

Select a site

Selecting a good site for your firewood storage is the first step. The ideal setting is one that is both well-ventilated and quarter cord shielded from the bush cord weather. A good option is a covered space like a shed, garage, or carport. Consider creating a firewood storage rack to keep your wood off the ground and covered if you don’t have access to a covered space.

Make a platform

Your firewood needs a sturdy platform to be stacked on in order to stay dry. The ideal foundation is one that is raised off the ground and slopes away from your woodpile so that rainwater may drain away from the wood. Pallets, cinder blocks, or bricks can all be used to build a base. Level the base and clear the area of any grass, weeds, or rubbish.

Stack Your Wood

As soon as your base is ready, you may begin stacking your firewood. Initially, arrange larger logs with the bark facing down to form a base layer. The wood should be arranged with each row perpendicular to the row before it. The stack shouldn’t be larger than 4 feet piece tall, 4 feet wide, or 8 feet long to preserve optimal air circulation.

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Your woodpile needs to be covered in order to stay dry and shielded from  16 inchessnow and rain, even if you have chosen a piece covered area. It will work with a basic tarp or firewood cover. Be sure to 16 inches cover the stack’s top and sides while leaving the ends uncapped to encourage airflow.

Allow for Air movement

To keep your firewood dry and ready to burn, proper air movement is essential. Make careful to leave room between the rows and the logs to allow for air circulation. 

Final Word

Winter comfort and financial savings are both possible if you know how much a cord of wood costs and where to find it for the best deals. No matter if you are collecting fire cord wood from a friend or neighbor, buying fire cord wood from a source, or chopping your own green wood, it is important to understand the very minimum criteria for firewood and how to store it properly to ensure that it is dry and ready to burn.

The cheapest green wood you can get may allow you to make the biggest financial savings. If you follow these recommendations, you can stay warm and cozy all winter long without spending a lot of money.


Q. Could I purchase half a cord of wood?

A. You can indeed purchase a half cord of wood stove. A half cord of wood stove has a volume that is equal to 64 cubic feet, or half that of a full cord.

Q. What proportion of wood is a cord?

A. A whole cord typically contains between 600 and 800 pieces of firewood. You will likely receive closer to 800 pieces if the company you purchase 8 foot from shortens their logs. You will likely obtain about 600 pieces if the parts are longer.

Q. How much wood makes a cord?

A. What is a cord of wood’s size is a question that many homeowners have. A full cord of wood measures 4′ × 8′ x 4′ (4 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep) and contains 128 cubic feet of wood in the 8 foot United States. Most of the time, a cord of firewood and a full cord are equivalent.

Q. Can I stack a cord of wood on my own?

A. You may stack your own cord of wood, of course. To guarantee your woodpile is solid and adequately ventilated, it’s crucial to use proper bush cord stacking procedures. Choose an appropriate site, build a base, arrange your wood in a crisscross pattern, cover it, allow for air circulation, rotate your woodpile, and maintain it clean.

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