A Comprehensive Greenworks 60v Chainsaw Review (2024)

Greenworks 60v Chainsaw

As someone who has been a fan of GreenWorks product review for quite some time, I was recently intrigued by their Greenworks 60v Chainsaw. After all, chainsaws are notoriously heavy and difficult to use, so I wondered how this eco-friendly brand tackled those challenges.

First and foremost, I was impressed by how lightweight this battery powered chainsaw is. At just over 10 pounds, it’s much easier to wield than some of the hulking models out there. Plus, the handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort while you’re using it.

Of course, performance is key when it comes to a battery powered chainsaw – and I’m happy to report that the GreenWorks model delivers. It features an electric motor that provides plenty of power, so you won’t have to worry about struggling to cut through thick branches or tree trunks. In addition, the 16-inch bar and chain make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

As an experienced chainsaw expert, I know that finding the right tool for the job can make all the difference. That’s why I was excited to try out the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw and share my thoughts in this buying guide and review. So, let’s see how the GreenWorks Chainsaw measures up.

What Makes Greenworks 60v Chainsaw a Good Option in 2024?

A Comprehensive Greenworks 60v Chainsaw Review (2024)

When it comes to choosing an electric chainsaw, one brand that stands out is GreenWorks. Their line of chainsaws has been making rounds in the market and is highly renowned for its eco-friendliness and efficiency. But what makes Greenworks 60v Chainsaw a good option in 2024?

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient electric chainsaw, the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is an excellent option to consider in 2024. This innovative power tool has been designed with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly features that make it stand out among its competitors in the market.

Greenworks 60v Chainsaws are powered by lithium-ion batteries that provide longer and more consistent run time. Additionally, these batteries are environmentally friendly since they do not emit harmful fumes or gases during operation. This aspect makes GreenWorks chainsaw review a practical and eco-friendly option, especially for those who value environmental sustainability.

The Greenworks 60v Chainsaws feature brushless motors that deliver high torque and power to handle most cutting tasks effectively. This aspect ensures that the chainsaw does not bog down or stall during the task. Moreover, the brushless motor design requires minimal maintenance, thereby reducing the costs of repair and maintenance.

In addition, the GreenWorks tools chainsaw is equipped with advanced safety features that ensure safe and easy operation. The chain cordless saw has a quick-stop braking system that stops the chain quickly in case of an emergency, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries significantly. The cordless chainsaw review also has an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip and reduces fatigue, making it easy to operate for extended cordless saw periods without any discomfort.

Our First-Hand Greenworks 60v Chainsaw Review of 2024

As a team of arborists and landscaping professionals, we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools to help us get the job done efficiently and effectively. When we heard about the release of the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw in 2024, we were excited to get our hands on it and give bar length a try.

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Unboxing the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw was a breeze. The packaging was neat and organized, and we appreciated the clear instructions for assembly. The chainsaw itself was sleek and bar length stylish, and we were impressed by the quality build of the device.

First Impression 

Our first impression of the chainsaw was positive. The device felt solid and well-balanced in Oregon bar our hands, and the handle was comfortable to grip. The cordless design of the chain tension saws was a definite plus, allowing for greater freedom of movement without being tethered to an extension cord.

Testing Phase 

As we moved on to the testing phase Oregon bar of the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw, we were impressed by its cutting power. The 16-inch bar easily sliced through thick branches and logs with ease, and the brushless motor provided smooth and consistent cutting performance.

The chainsaw’s battery life was also impressive, allowing us to complete several jobs on home depot on a single charge. The device was also relatively quiet compared to other chain saws, which was appreciated by both us and our clients.

Technical Features of Greenworks 60v Chainsaw you need to know 

The Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is built with remarkable technical specifications that make it stand out in the market. It is designed to offer a seamless, efficient, and convenient sawing experience.

Electric Motor 

The Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is a highly efficient and powerful tool that has been designed for pressure washers with advanced technical features to enhance its performance. One of the most notable technical chain tensioning features of this battery chainsaw is its cutting-edge electric motor, which has been engineered to deliver exceptional levels of speed, power, and precision.

The performance of the chainsaw is significantly enhanced by its brushless electric motor, which generates 20% more torque and easily penetrates thick wood logs and trunks. Additionally, the motor’s power is comparable to that of a full-fledged 42cc gas engine, making it a reliable and powerful tool. Thanks to the incredible power of the Greenworks Pro 60v, cutting or slicing rough wooden materials is an effortless task with no obstacles in your way.

Auto-oiler Mechanism

The Greenworks 60v Chainsaw, a power tool designed to facilitate efficient and convenient cutting of trees and branches, comes with a range of small tree technical features that enhance its performance. One such top-notch feature included in the design is the auto-oiler mechanism. This mechanism small tree ensures that the chainsaw’s cutting chain remains lubricated, reducing wear and tear on the bar and chain, enhancing tool life, and providing a smooth cutting experience.

The auto-oiler mechanism on this Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is equipped with an automatic oiling system that releases bar oil onto the chain as it rotates while cutting. This mechanism ensures that the chain is continually lubricated during the operation, preventing binding and heat buildup, allowing for more effortless cutting of thicker branches and limbs. This reduces the chance of accidents and workplace-related injuries that can result from a chainsaw malfunction.

The oiler mechanism is also adjustable, making it possible for the operator to control the amount of lubrication required for the job. An adjustable automatic oiler is a vital feature to have on a chainsaw, as different cutting conditions may require different levels of lubrication. It also enables the operator to tailor the amount of bar oil dispensed to achieve a more efficient and economical application, reducing waste and saving on costs.

Low-Kickback Bar and Chain

A low-kickback bar and chain is a safety feature that helps reduce the risk of injury and prevent accidents. It is designed to minimize the kickback force when the chainsaw hits a hard object, such as a knot or a nail. The low-kickback chain has shorter teeth than a standard chain, which reduces the amount of wood that is cut with each pass. As a result, the chances of the chainsaw getting stuck, kicking back, or causing injury are greatly reduced.

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Apart from preventing injury, the low-kickback bar and chain in Greenworks 60v Chainsaw have several advantages. Firstly, it ensures greater stability and control, which is especially important when working on larger trees or cutting at awkward angles. Secondly, it enhances the performance of the chainsaw, reducing wear and tear on the engine and extending the life of the tool. Thirdly, it improves the overall efficiency of the chainsaw, making it easier to use and more effective at cutting through dense or tough material.

Variable Speed Trigger

Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is a popular tool among customers who are environmentally conscious and looking for a reliable tool to manage their outdoor projects. One of the most impressive features of this chainsaw is its variable speed trigger, which sets it apart from its competitors.

The variable speed trigger of the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is designed to offer greater control to the users while performing their cutting tasks. This feature allows the cordless chainsaw to adjust the speed of the chain according to the density of the wood being cut, which is particularly useful for users who are cutting different types of wood. The variable speed trigger also enables the chainsaw to work more efficiently and extend the life of the chain, as the blade isn’t forced to work at maximum speed and can be adjusted according to the job’s needs.

Easy Handling

GreenWorks is a well-known brand that offers an extensive range of outdoor power equipment, including chainsaws that are ideal for both residential and professional use. One of the key highlights of Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is the technical features that make them exceptionally easy to handle.

To begin with, these product reviews come with an ergonomic design that ensures minimal user fatigue even after prolonged use. The handle is designed in such a way that it fits comfortably in the user’s hand, providing a firm grip that enhances precision and control over the chainsaw’s movements.


With a weight of just around 10 pounds, the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is one of the lightest models on the market. Its lightweight design ensures that users can operate it for extended periods without feeling fatigued, making it perfect for heavy-duty tasks. Moreover, its compact size makes it more maneuverable, making it easier to cut into hard-to-reach areas without straining.

The Greenworks 60v Chainsaw features a highly advanced Lithium-ion battery that is capable of delivering outstanding performance, with a runtime of up to 45 minutes on a single charge. The battery power is not only durable but also charges quickly, taking only about 60 minutes to reach a full charge. This enables users to get back to work as quickly as possible without having to waste time waiting for the battery power to charge.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of greenworks chainsaws-

Reasons to Buy

  • It is powered by electricity, making it an eco-friendly choice. Compared to gas-powered chainsaws, electric chainsaws produce far fewer emissions, and they are way quieter.
  • Lightweight, making it easier to carry around than their heavier gas-powered counterparts. Additionally, their compact size and design make them ideal for use in tight spaces, such as backyards or small gardens.
  • Electric chainsaws are far less demanding when it comes to maintenance than gas-powered chainsaws. Since they have fewer moving parts, they require less frequent maintenance than other chainsaws. Greenworks 60v Chainsaw, in particular, requires zero maintenance except for the occasional chain automatic oiler and sharpening.
  • Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is designed to handle a wide range of cutting tasks – from pruning and trimming to cutting through dense wood. The powerful electric motors deliver efficient performance, making it ideal for both professional and DIY tasks.
  • Equipped with several safety features, such as a chain brake, handguard, and safety switch. These features ensure that the chainsaw stops immediately in case of kickbacks or any other safety hazards.
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Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited by the length of its power cord or battery life. Therefore, it is less mobile than gas-powered chainsaws, which can be used anywhere, regardless of electric outlets.
  • Greenworks 60v Chainsaw might not be ideal for heavy-duty tasks, such as cutting large trees or thick logs.
  • Electric chainsaws run on batteries, and the run-time varies depending on the model and usage. If you have a lot of cutting work to do, you might need to take breaks to recharge the battery.


Customer Ratings

Ease of Use: 8.8

Power and Performance: 8

Durability: 8.5

Handling: 9.4

Overall Ratings: 8.7

Expert Opinions

As a YouTuber who specializes in reviewing power tools, Mike Tyson has conducted an extensive review of the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw on his channel Jon Peters . After putting the chainsaw through its paces in various scenarios, Tyson has come to the conclusion that it is a top-quality product that is well worth considering for anyone in need of a reliable chainsaw.

One of the standout features of the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw, according to Tyson, is its electric motor. Unlike many gas-powered chainsaws that emit noxious fumes and require constant refueling, this chainsaw can be plugged into an electrical outlet and run for as long as necessary without any unpleasant odors or interruptions. Tyson also notes that the electric motor is surprisingly powerful, allowing the chainsaw to cut through tough branches and limbs with ease.

Another major benefit of the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is its lightweight design. Unlike many bulky chainsaws that can be cumbersome to maneuver, this one is both lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it a great choice for homeowners who want to tackle small-scale tree-trimming projects without feeling weighed down by a heavy chainsaw.

Why Get Greenworks 60v Chainsaw in 2024?

As we enter 2024, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their actions and are seeking out eco-friendly alternatives in their purchases, including their tools and machinery. For homeowners and professionals alike, the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is the ideal choice for those who want a powerful, efficient tool that is also environmentally responsible.

The Greenworks 60v Chainsaw boasts numerous benefits that make it stand out as the top choice for those seeking a sustainable tool. Firstly, its electric motor ensures that it produces zero emissions, making it an eco-friendlier option than gas-powered chainsaws. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of the user but also eliminates the need for purchasing and storing gasoline, which can be a hazardous and expensive process.

Additionally, the Greenworks 60v Chainsaw is designed with efficiency in mind. Its brushless motor technology ensures that it uses minimal energy to operate while still providing incredible power and performance. This not only saves the user money on their electricity bill but also reduces their overall energy consumption and impact on the environment.

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