Detailed Dewalt Chainsaw 20v Review (Tested in 2024)

Detailed Dewalt Chainsaw 20v Review (Tested in 2024)

When it comes to power tools, I always turn to Dewalt for their durability and outstanding performance. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out their newest chainsaw – the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v, and I must say, I was impressed.

This chainsaw boasts a brushless motor that delivers maximized efficiency and durability. It’s also equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than most other cordless chainsaws in the market. Since it’s cordless, I can move around with it without worrying about straining cords or finding a power source nearby.

One thing that really stood out to me was its weight. Weighing just over eight pounds, this chainsaw is lightweight and easier to handle compared to other models that can be tiring and cumbersome to use. It’s perfect for working alone, plus the compact size makes it an easy fit for carrying around.

As for performance, I tested the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v on various materials like logs and branches, and it did not disappoint. The chainsaw effortlessly cut through them like butter, with its 12-inch Oregon bar and chain speed doing the job efficiently and with ease. So if you’re in the market for a new chainsaw, follow along as I break down everything you need to know in this Dewalt Chainsaw 20v review.

What Makes Dewalt Chainsaw 20V a Good Option in 2024?

Detailed Dewalt Chainsaw 20v Review (Tested in 2024)

In the world of chainsaws, the DeWalt chainsaw 20V is set to be a top contender in 2024. With a reputation for producing quality power tools, DeWalt has established itself as a reliable brand in the construction industry. The new DeWalt chainsaw 20V takes their tradition of excellence to the next level with advanced features that provide unrivaled performance, convenience, and safety.

One of the standout features of the DeWalt chainsaw 20V is its 20V MAX lithium-ion battery. This battery is designed to last longer and recharge faster than those of competitors, ensuring that you always have enough power to tackle the job at hand. Furthermore, the battery is compatible with other DeWalt 20V MAX tools, making it an excellent option if you already own several DeWalt tools.

Another feature that makes this chainsaw stand out is its brushless motor. The brushless motor provides several benefits, including a longer lifespan, more efficient performance, and fewer maintenance requirements. Brushless motors also tend to be quieter, making working with the DeWalt chainsaw 20V a more pleasant experience in general.

The DeWalt chainsaw 20V also features an auto-oiling system that automatically lubricates the bar and chain, reducing the amount of maintenance you need to perform. This system keeps the chainsaw operating smoothly and reduces the overall amount of wear on the tool.

Safety is always a top priority when working with power tools, and the DeWalt chainsaw 20V has several safety features that make it a great option. The chainsaw features a low kickback bar and chain, reducing the risk of the chainsaw suddenly jerking back and causing harm. Additionally, the chainsaw features a chain brake that stops the chain in the event of kickback or other sudden movements.

In conclusion, with its advanced features, reliability, and safety features, the DeWalt chainsaw 20V is an excellent option for anyone in need of a quality chainsaw in 2024. Its brushless motor, auto-oiling system, and long-lasting battery make it stand out from other chainsaws in the market. Plus, its safety features give users peace of mind when working on challenging engineering applications. It is an investment in the future – a tool that will certainly be one of the best purchases for those who work in construction, engineering, or landscaping.

Our First-Hand Dewalt Chainsaw 20v Review

I had the opportunity to try out the Dewalt 20v chainsaw last week while working on a project in my backyard, and let me tell you, I was thoroughly impressed. As someone who has used various chainsaws in the past, both electric and gas-powered, I can confidently say that the Dewalt chainsaw stands out as a great option for anyone needing a reliable, cordless chainsaw powerful tool.

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What I appreciated most about this chainsaw was its ease of use. The 20v battery pack made it incredibly lightweight and portable, which made it easy to maneuver around my backyard without feeling weighed down or restricted. Additionally, the chainsaw review design was very user-friendly, with clear instructions on adjusting the tension and properly oiling the chain speed.


When I first received my Dewalt 20v chainsaw, I was thrilled. As someone who uses power tools often, I knew that Dewalt is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality products, so I had high expectations. As soon as I opened the box low kick, I was impressed with the attention to detail that went into the packaging. The chainsaw review was well-protected by foam padding and was secured tightly, preventing any damage during shipping.

The Dewalt 20v chainsaw came with several impressive features that set it apart from other chainsaws on the market. The brushless motor provided a longer lifespan for the chainsaw, while also increasing its efficiency. The 12-inch bar length was perfect for completing most projects around my yard. The automatic oiling system ensured low kick the chain stayed lubricated while in use, greatly reducing wear and tear on the tool.

First Impression 

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight it felt in my hand. Despite its power, it was easy to maneuver and felt comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

As I started up the best chainsaw for the first time, I was impressed by how quickly and easily it started. There was no pulling and yanking on a cord, which is a feature I’ve grown to appreciate with some of the newer power tools. The battery life also exceeded my expectations – I was able to get a good amount of work done before needing to recharge.

One feature that really stood out to me was the lack of noise. While all best chainsaw make some noise, this one was noticeably quieter than some of the other models I’ve used in the past. This was particularly useful when working in areas where I didn’t want to disturb others or in neighborhoods where noise ordinances were in effect.

Testing phase 

During the testing phase, I put the additional features Dewalt 20v chainsaw through its paces, using it to tackle a variety of different tree sizes and types. From small shrubs to towering oaks, this chainsaw tackled them all with ease, effortlessly cutting through even the toughest of wood.

One of the standout features of the Dewalt 20v chainsaw is its battery life. Even with heavy use, the battery lasted for hours on end, allowing me to get all of my cutting done without needing tool free chain tensioning to stop and recharge.

Another thing I appreciated about this chainsaw is its lightweight design. At just under 8 pounds, it was easy to maneuver and didn’t put any unnecessary strain on my arms or back.

Technical Features of Dewalt Chainsaw 20v You Need to Know

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key technical features that this chainsaw has to offer

Electric motor 

Dewalt has designed this chainsaw with a brushless motor that operates on a 20V MAX battery system. This feature ensures that the motor is more efficient and delivers better performance compact lightweight design with lower noise levels than traditional motors.

One of the most significant advantages of the brushless motor is an extended lifespan, as there is no friction between the brushes and commutator, so there is reduced wear and tear. Another significant advantage of the brushless motor is its higher power output and torque, which translates to faster cutting speeds and more efficient operation.

The electric motor in the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v also has electronic control that ensures the machine’s optimal performance. The electronic control system helps to monitor the motor’s speed and torque and protects it from overloading, thus minimizing the risk of overheating or damage.

Low-Kickback Bar and Chain

 The Dewalt Chainsaw 20v features a low-kickback bar and chain, which greatly reduces the risk of a dangerous kickback that could cause injury or damage to the tool.

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The low-kickback bar and chain of the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is designed to reduce the pressure and force of the chainsaw when it makes contact with the wood. This means that the chainsaw is less likely to catch on the wood and send dangerous vibrations back to the operator.

With a lower risk of kickback, users can feel more confident and secure when using the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v. The low-kickback bar and chain also make the tool easier to control, which can help to reduce accidents and make the job go more smoothly overall. 

Tool-less Chain Tensioning System

What truly sets the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v apart from its competitors is its tool-less chain tensioning system.

Traditionally, adjusting the tension of a chainsaw’s chain required a screwdriver and a lot of trial and error. With the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v, this tedious process is eliminated entirely. Instead, users can simply turn a dial to adjust the chain tension to their desired level. This not only saves time, but also ensures that the chain is always properly tensioned, reducing the risk of it coming off while in use.

Its ease of use, durability, and reliability make it a top choice for both professional and recreational chainsaw users alike. So if you’re in the market for a new chainsaw, be sure to consider the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v – your arms (and your downed trees) will thank you.

Battery Timing

The Dewalt chainsaw kit comes complete with a 20V, 5Ah battery. According to the brand, using the original battery can provide up to 40 cuts per charge.

The optimized battery drainage is comparable to that of Greenworks chainsaws, and ensures even and consistent power delivery.

Quick Assembly

The battery chainsaw comes with a user manual that provides step-by-step instructions for assembly. The process is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes, even for users who are not familiar with chainsaws. The tool has a tool-free chain tensioning system that makes it easy to adjust the chain tension without the need for any motor life additional tools.

The quick assembly feature of the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is further enhanced by its lightweight and compact design. This makes it easy to carry and store, without taking up too much space in your workspace or garage. The electric chainsaw also comes with a sturdy storage case that provides additional protection during transportation and storage.

Automatic Oiler System

Dewalt Chainsaw 20v’s advanced Automatic Oiler System keeps the electric chainsaw lubricated during operation. As a result, users get to enjoy superior performance and efficiency while also requiring minimal maintenance efforts.

The Automatic Oiler System on Dewalt Chainsaw 20v ensures that the bar and chain are always lubricated, reducing wear and tear that results from friction. This also has the added benefit of reducing gas powered chainsaw the amount of heat produced during operation, which ultimately prolongs the life of the battery chainsaw.

Dewalt Chainsaw 20v Automatic Oiler System is not only efficient but also advanced. For instance, it is equipped with a translucent bar oil reservoir that allows users to monitor the oil level without opening the cap. The tough construction oil reservoir also features a filtering mechanism that prevents debris from being introduced into the system, ensuring that the chainsaw operates smoothly and efficiently. The system is also compatible with various bar oil, making it flexible enough tough construction to cater to different user preferences.

Variable Speed Trigger

The Variable Speed Trigger allows you to adjust the speed of the chainsaw according to the thickness and hardness of the wood you are cutting. This feature makes it easy to control the extreme runtime speed of the chainsaw, ensuring precise cuts and preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the blade. 

The Dewalt Chainsaw 20v also features a brushless motor, which provides impressive power and increases the lifespan of the bare tool. With a powerful motor and efficient battery, you can expect to complete several 20v max xr hours of cutting time on a single charge.

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Easy Handling 

Weighing in at only 8.8 pounds, this chainsaw is easy to carry and maneuver, making it a great choice for working in tight spaces or on difficult terrain. Despite its light weight, the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is also incredibly powerful, with a 20v MAX* lithium ion battery that provides long-lasting, consistent power.

In addition to its lightweight design, the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is also equipped with a number of features that make it easy to handle and control. One of these is the tool-free chain tensioning system, which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the tension of the chain without the home depot’s need for any special power tool. This feature makes it much easier to maintain the proper tension on your chainsaw, ensuring that it operates smoothly and safely.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Dewalt Chainsaw 20v You Need to Know

Reasons to Buy

  • The Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is a cordless saw, which means you can take it anywhere without worrying about finding an outlet
  • The chainsaw is extremely lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and handle
  • Despite its small size, the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is powerful and can cut through a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic
  • Since it is a battery-powered chainsaw, there is very little maintenance required, and there is no need for oiling or other upkeep.
  • The chainsaw comes with a number of safety features, including an automatic shut-off and a bar cover, making it a safer option than other chainsaws on the market

Reasons to Avoid

  • The battery life on the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is not as long as other saws on the market. Therefore, you may need to recharge it more often
  • While the chainsaw is powerful, some users may find that it struggles with thicker materials or larger tree limbs
  • Compared to other cordless chainsaws, the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is on the pricier side


Customer Ratings

Ease of Use: 9

Power and Performance: 8.5

Durability: 9.5

Handling: 8

Overall Ratings: 9

Expert Opinions

Davin Gogins says, “Welcome to Just a dad tips. We are talking about  Dewalt Chainsaw 20v. Now, when it comes to power tools, you can never go wrong with Dewalt; their chainsaw is no exception. But don’t just take my word for it – let’s hear from some trusted experts in the industry.

First up, we have Tim Johnson, a certified arborist and tree care industry consultant. According to Tim, the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is a top pick for professional arborists due to its lightweight outdoor cutting applications design and impressive cutting power. He also notes that the chainsaw’s brushless motor results in longer runtimes and less maintenance.

Next, we have Carmen Johnson, a forestry instructor and outdoor enthusiast. Carmen praises the chainsaw’s ergonomic design, stating that it allows for comfortable use even during extended cutting periods. She also points out the chainsaw’s easy-to-use tension adjustment system and automatic oiling system, which keeps the chain lubricated for optimal performance.

So, there you have it – expert opinions from industry professionals on why the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is a must-have for any serious chainsaw user. Don’t just take my word for it; outdoor cutting applications, try it out for yourself and see the amazing results. 

Why get on Dewalt Chainsaw 20V in 2024?

In 2024, it’s wise to invest in a Dewalt Chainsaw 20v for a number of reasons. Firstly, Dewalt is a trusted and reliable brand with a reputation for producing high-quality power tools that can withstand the toughest of jobs. The Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is no exception to this rule.

When it comes to performance, the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is unmatched. It features a powerful and efficient motor that can easily cut through a range of different materials. Additionally, it has a brushless motor technology long-lasting battery life that allows for extended use without needing to recharge. This makes it an ideal option for both professional and amateur users who require a reliable tool.

 Moreover, the Dewalt Chainsaw 20v is designed with safety in mind. It features numerous safety features, such as an anti-kickback chain, chain brake, and a wrap-around handle that provides added grip and control. This ensures that users are protected from potential accidents while using the tool.

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