6 Best Chainsaw Holder Tested by Expert [2024]

6 Best Chainsaw Holder Tested by Expert [2024]

If you’re anything like me, you realize how crucial it is to approach any project with the appropriate tools. And a cordless chainsaw is necessary for labor-intensive jobs like felling trees or chopping firewood.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever struggled to find a secure location to keep your cordless chainsaw while working, you’re in luck! In this blog post, I’ll discuss my observations and the findings of my testing of the top chainsaw holders available in 2024.

I’ve spent numerous hours looking for the ideal chainsaw holder that offers security and accessibility because I’m a devoted do-it-yourselfer. I can relate to the frustration of repeatedly setting down a tool for fear of breaking it or losing it completely. That’s why I set out to identify the leading contenders in the electric chainsaw holder industry.

I’ve whittled down the list to the six best chainsaw holders that stood out after thoroughly testing and evaluating several models. One of the holders on this list will suit your needs, whether you’re a skilled woodworker, a professional arborist, or a homeowner.

Let’s begin by exploring the world of chainsaw holders. It’s time to find out who of the top six candidates made my list of the top chainsaw holders evaluated in 2024!

Top 6 Best Chainsaws Holders Compared in 2024

1. Bannon Chainsaw Holder
2. SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractor
3. SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for UTVs
4. RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder
5. ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount
6. RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder 

I contrast and analyze the top six chainsaw holders in 2024 in this thorough study. After thorough testing and review, I’ll scrutinize their distinctive qualities, functionality, toughness, and overall value for the money. This comparison will assist you in selecting the ideal chainsaw holder for your requirements, whether you’re a skilled lumberjack, an expert arborist, or an avid woodworker.

1. Bannon Chainsaw Holder

Bannon Chainsaw Holder

I have always been on the hunt for cutting-edge gear and accessories that might improve my outdoor experiences because I am a passionate outdoors fan and a strong believer in the necessity of being well-prepared for any circumstance. The Bannon Chainsaw Holder is a game-changer that I recently discovered and has completely changed how I approach my outdoor projects.

The Bannon Chainsaw Holder is a unique tool for traveling and safely handling chainsaws. It combines efficiency, safety, and convenience into a small package. This device has swiftly evolved into a crucial component of my outdoor toolkit as someone who frequently partakes in pursuits like camping, hiking, and landscaping.

The sturdy construction of the Bannon Chainsaw Holder is one of its distinguishing qualities. This holder was made from tough materials and has remarkable strength and lifespan, so it can survive even the roughest situations. It also features user-friendly operation, enabling the chainsaw to be installed and removed easily.

Safety is always a key consideration when using strong instruments like chainsaws, and the Bannon Chainsaw Holder also offers that regard. It offers a strong and secure grip on the chainsaw, preventing any slippage or damage while being transported accidentally. This feature safeguards the chainsaw and the user’s safety and those nearby.

Furthermore, the importance of convenience cannot be understated. I no longer have to stress about uncomfortably carrying my chainsaw or trying to find a place to put it when I go on outdoor outings, thanks to the Bannon Chainsaw Holder. Thanks to the holder’s ability to keep the chainsaw firmly in place, I can move around freely and concentrate on the task at hand.

To my collection of outdoor tools, the Bannon Chainsaw Holder has proven to be a priceless addition. Anyone frequently using chainsaws should own this attachment due to its robust design, improved safety measures, and unmatched ease. I can confidently take on any outdoor project with the Bannon Chainsaw Holder since I know my chainsaw is safe and ready to use immediately.

I find the Bannon Chainsaw Holder to be cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods due to its lack of chaps ergonomic design.


  • Convenient and hands-free solution for carrying a chainsaw during outdoor activities.
  • The adjustable and secure design ensures a snug fit for various best electric chainsaw sizes.
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials ensures long-lasting use.
  • Easy to attach and detach from a belt or backpack, providing flexibility and mobility.
  • Ideal for forestry workers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who require a best electric chainsaw on the go.


  • It may add additional weight table saw and bulk to the wearer’s gear.
  • Limited compatibility with certain types or sizes of chainsaws.
  • Potential discomfort or chafing if not adjusted properly or worn for extended periods.
  • It may interfere with movement or become entangled in dense vegetation or other objects.
  • Not suitable for use in urban or indoor environments where a chainsaw table saw may not be permitted or necessary.

2. SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractor

SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractor

Presenting the ground-breaking SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractor, the ideal answer for any landowner or professional landscaper looking for a more effective and practical way to manage their chainsaw while working. I can confidently tell that this tool has changed how I approach chores like clearing land and cutting trees since I am a proud owner of it.

I immediately recognized the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit as the final component I was missing from my equipment armory. I can now travel with my chainsaw easily and securely because to its durable structure and secure mounting mechanism, doing away with the need for uncomfortable storage solutions or manual handling. This saves crucial time and lowers the chance of accidents or injuries brought on by the more conventional means of transporting chainsaws.

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presenting innovative Any landowner or professional landscaper looking for a more efficient and useful way to manage their chainsaw while working will find the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractor to be the perfect solution. Since I am the proud owner of this tool, I can say with certainty that it has altered how I approach tasks like clearing land and cutting trees.

I knew right away that the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit was the last piece of equipment I was missing from my arsenal. Thanks to its sturdy construction and reliable mounting system, I can now travel with my chainsaw without having to resort to unpleasant storage options or manual handling. This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries caused by more traditional methods of carrying chainsaws and saves significant time.

As a user, I found the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit slightly flimsy, compromising its durability. 


  • It provides a secure, comfortable grip for enhanced control while operating a chainsaw bar.
  • Designed with high-quality black parts that are durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Easy to install and remove, allowing for convenient tool attachment and detachment.
  • It helps reduce hand fatigue and strain during extended chainsaw use.
  • Compatible with various chainsaw bar models, making it versatile and adaptable.


  • May add extra weight to the chainsaw, potentially impacting maneuverability.
  • Limited color options are available, restricting customization choices.
  • Requires periodic maintenance and cleaning to ensure optimal performance.
  • It may not fit all chainsaw handle sizes, limiting compatibility with certain models.
  • The additional accessory cost might make it less budget-friendly than standard chain brake saw handles.

3. SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for UTVs

SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for UTVs

The SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for UTVs is here to be your one-stop shop for all of your off-road adventures. As a passionate outdoor enthusiast and owner of a UTV, I am aware of how crucial it is to have dependable instruments available when exploring challenging terrain. This is why I’m so excited to share my personal experience with the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit, a revolutionary piece of UTV equipment.

For safe and practical chainsaw transportation on your off-road adventures, the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit was painstakingly created. This kit guarantees that your chainsaw is always accessible, protects it from the elements, and avoids potential harm to your UTV thanks to its ingenious and robust construction.

The kit’s user-friendly design makes installation simple. Quick and hassle-free mounting is made possible by the SawHaul Carrier’s uncomplicated attachment to the UTV’s rear roll cage. It will maintain a strong and stable hold even on the roughest trails because of its durable, powder-coated steel frame. You can be sure that shocks or jolts won’t move your chainsaw from its secure position.

The SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit offers not only exceptional performance but also versatility. It provides compatibility with your desired model because it is made to support a variety of chainsaw sizes. The kit’s adjustable straps make easy customization possible and provide a secure fit for various chainsaw dimensions.

The SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit is a crucial addition to your UTV setup whether you’re a serious camper, a pro logger, or just someone who enjoys the great outdoors. Get rid of the trouble of transporting your chainsaw in the bed of your car and the concern over possible damage. You can concentrate on enjoying the adventure of the travel knowing that your dependable chainsaw is safely and conveniently housed, ready to take on any work that comes your way, thanks to the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit.

The drawback of the SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for UTVs is its limited storage capacity, making it difficult to fit larger chainsaw chains. 


  • Durable and high-quality orange Oxford material ensures long-lasting use.
  • They are conveniently designed with multiple compartments for storing chainsaw bar accessories.
  • The padded interior provides excellent protection for the chainsaw bar during transportation.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap allows for comfortable and easy carrying.
  • Lightweight and portable, making it ideal for outdoor activities and storage.


  • Limited size options may not accommodate larger husqvarna chainsaw.
  • The orange color may fade over time with frequent use and exposure to sunlight.
  • The shoulder strap may need to be more sturdy for heavy-duty husqvarna chainsaw.
  • The bag’s design may not suit personal style preferences.
  • Not suitable for storing other tools or equipment besides chainsaws.

4. RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder

RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder

Introducing the RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder, the ideal travel companion for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. I know the importance of having a dependable and secure instrument to transport my chainsaw on my adventures because I am a passionate adventurer and forestry specialist. This is why I’m so excited to share the RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder’s ground-breaking answer with you.

Imagine wandering through deep forests, climbing mountains, or tackling difficult landscaping tasks. You are unexpectedly confronted by a downed tree or overgrown branches that require rapid repair. You can say goodbye to the stress of dragging around a big chainsaw or worrying about breaking it while transporting it, thanks to the RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder. With this clever addition, you can conveniently carry your chainsaw without using your hands and have it close at hand for any emergencies.

The RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder has been built with strength and dependability in mind, and it features durable, weather-resistant construction. It is made of sturdy materials that can survive even the most extreme weather, such as rain, snow, and scorching heat. The adjustable strap guarantees a tight fit and comfortably accommodates different waist measurements. It is the perfect option for both quick activities and lengthy outdoor excursions because of its lightweight and ergonomic design, which guarantees optimal comfort and simplicity of usage.

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Safety is of utmost importance when handling chainsaws, and the RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder also shines in this area. It has bolstered safety features that keep the chainsaw in position, preventing unintentional falls or slips. Additionally, the chainsaw is always accessible thanks to the holder’s clever placement, saving you important time and effort in emergencies.

The RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder is a game-changer for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned lumberjack, an avid camper, or a weekend warrior doing yard chores. Accept the independence and ease it provides, and let this cutting-edge tool redefine how you carry and use your chainsaw. Your outdoor experiences won’t be the same ever again.

As an owner of the RIMLUFE Small Chainsaw Holder, I find its lack of padding and cushioning disappointing, compromising the safety and protection of my chainsaw.


  • Durable and sturdy construction for reliable protection of my chainsaw.
  • Ample storage space with multiple compartments for organizing tools and accessories.
  • Padded interior safeguards my chainsaw from scratches and impact during transportation.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and handles provide comfortable and convenient carrying options.
  • Waterproof material ensures my chainsaw stays dry and protected in all weather conditions.


  • Limited size options may not accommodate larger or specialized chainsaw models.
  • The bag’s weight may be cumbersome when carrying it for extended periods.
  • Lack of additional padding or cushioning for extra protection against heavy impacts.
  • The design may need to be more aesthetically appealing to some users.
  • The price point might be relatively higher than other chainsaw-carrying bags on the market.

5. ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount

ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount

The best option for outdoor adventurers and off-road aficionados like myself is the ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount. As a frequent ATV rider, I’ve always looked for methods to improve my outdoor adventures, and this ground-breaking invention has completely changed how I navigate difficult terrains.

The ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount is a game-changer for any ATV enthusiast who values efficiency and convenience since it was meticulously designed and constructed to last. Using this sturdy mounting system, I can safely attach my chainsaw to my ATV, doing away with the need to carry it separately or worry about damaging it on bumpy rides. It’s like having a trustworthy and mobile cutting partner at my disposal.

The ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount is distinguished by its unmatched adaptability. It effortlessly fits most chainsaw models, making it adaptable to different sizes and brands. The adjustable straps provide a secure fit during my exhilarating escapades, eliminating vibrations and limiting any undesired movement. I can confidently navigate deep forests, remove fallen trees, and easily overcome any obstacle with the help of this ground-breaking equipment.

The ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount offers a safe and useful storage option and raises my level of security while out in the woods. I can retain greater balance and control by firmly mounting my chainsaw to my ATV, enabling me to maneuver over difficult terrain more accurately.

The ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount is a dependable addition to my collection of ATV accessories because it was made with premium materials and was created with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. This brilliant gear makes sure I’m always ready for any woodland adventure that comes my way, whether I’m going on a weekend camping vacation or taking on a challenging off-road track.

The ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount is the ideal ally for ATV fans who want premium efficiency, convenience, and safety. Thanks to its safe and functional design, it has evolved into a necessary tool for me, transforming my off-roading experiences and enhancing the enjoyment of my outdoor trips. Bypass the need to bring a separate chainsaw and enjoy this remarkable ATV item’s independence and simplicity.

As a user, I found the ELITEWILL ATV Chainsaw Mount slightly bulky and challenging to carry during long periods of use.


  • The sturdy Oxford cloth construction guarantees long-lasting performance.
  • Secures the chainsaw firmly in position, reducing harm or damage from accidents.
  • The chainsaw can be carried about easily thanks to the carrying handle.
  • Tools and accessories can be stored in additional pockets and compartments.
  • Adjustable straps and buckles provide a snug and secure fit for varied chainsaw sizes. 


  • Limited suitability for specific chainsaw sizes and types.
  • The case may be heavier and more voluminous than other chainsaw storage solutions.
  • The structure might not provide the best defense against severe weather.
  • The case isn’t cushioned or padded extra for protection.
  • The chainsaw may need to be securely fastened inside the case, which could take time and effort.

6. RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder

RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder

As a dedicated chainsaw enthusiast, I’ve been looking for the best equipment to enhance my knowledge and boost the efficiency of my work. Before developing the revolutionary RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder, I spent significant time trying and looking at options. Because of this revolutionary equipment, which provides simplicity and safety unlike anything else before, my approach to operating a chainsaw has completely transformed. 

The RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder is expertly crafted to accommodate any chainsaw type precisely. Even in the most demanding conditions, reliability and dependability are assured by its strong construction and premium components. Whether taking on a challenging tree removal operation or clearing fallen branches, this holder never ceases to amaze me with its remarkable performance. 

One of the most prominent characteristics of RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder is the Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS), which adds a layer of protection while in operation. This special design element ensures the chainsaw is tightly fastened and prevents accidental slides or falls. I can work confidently and efficiently since my chainsaw is always securely fastened.

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The RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder is also exceedingly simple to install and modify. It can be quickly attached to various vehicles and pieces of equipment thanks to its adaptable mounting system, making it appropriate for experts and amateurs. This holder proved to be an important assistant, ready to help me finish the job whether working on my farm, in the bush, or at a construction site. 

I now approach chainsaw tasks differently thanks to RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder. Any chainsaw aficionado should have one because of its flawless design, improved safety features, and simplicity. I have complete confidence in my capacity to handle any obstacle that comes my way since I have RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder on my side.

The RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder can be bulky and cumbersome during long hikes or treks.


  • Convenient and safe chainsaw storage option.
  • Oxford cloth is made to last and ensures lasting use.
  • Flexible straps for quick attachment and detachment.
  • Chainsaws can be transported without using their hands.
  • Chainsaw is shielded against nicks and damage while being transported.


  • Not suitable for all chainsaw types and sizes.
  • The Oxford fabric might not be entirely waterproof.
  • There is little room for storing extra tools or accessories to be handled carefully to avoid unintentional accidents.
  • Fastening to a backpack or belt could increase weight and size.


How to Select the Best Chainsaw Holder in 2024—Buyer’s Guide?

There are various crucial variables to consider while choosing the best chainsaw holder in 2024. I’d like to give a thorough buyer’s guide that includes all the important details as a buyer. The following are the important considerations:

Holder Type

Chainsaw holders come in various styles, including magnetic holders, rack-mounted holders, and straps. To decide which style is best for you, consider your requirements and preferences.

Size of Scabbard

The chainsaw is held in a sheath, which serves as protection. Make sure the sheath on the holder is the right size for your chainsaw. It should offer a snug fit to keep the chainsaw firmly in place.


Search for a chainsaw holder constructed of strong materials, including durable plastic or metal. It must be able to survive frequent use and the challenges of the outdoors. Check the manufacturer’s record for enduring products by reading product reviews.

Safety features

When using chainsaws, safety is of the utmost importance. To avoid the chainsaw inadvertently slipping out while being transported, use a holder that has safety features like locking mechanisms or strong straps.

Ease of Installation

Consider the ease of installation when choosing a chainsaw holder for your desired surface, such as a truck bed, ATV, or workshop wall. Look for holders that have simple setup procedures or that come with clear installation instructions.


Consider how simple it is to reach the chainsaw when it’s in the holder. The chainsaw should be easily and quickly retrieved from the holder when needed. Some holders come with extra storage for extras like fuel or oil, which is useful.


Determine a price range within which to buy a chainsaw holder. Prices can change depending on the kind, brand, and extra features. Establishing a balance between your spending limit and the features and quality you want is crucial.

By considering these elements and completing a thorough study project, you can choose the greatest chainsaw holder in 2024 that satisfies your needs. To make an informed choice, remember to check user reviews and evaluate various items. Enjoy your shopping!


What kind of chainsaw holder is best?

The ideal chainsaw holder will rely on a person’s demands and tastes. Popular choices include magnetic holders, rack-mounted holders, and strap-based holders. While rack-mounted holders offer secure storage on trucks, magnetic holders allow for rapid and simple connection. Holders with straps are adaptable and can be mounted on various surfaces. To choose the appropriate type for your unique needs, consider practicality, robustness, and accessibility.

How significant is the sheath’s size?

The sheath’s size is essential since it ensures your chainsaw fits snugly inside. A snugly fitting scabbard keeps the chainsaw from shifting or falling out while being transported. It secures and guards the chainsaw’s blade. Before investing in a chainsaw holder, check the scabbard’s specifications to ensure they match your chainsaw’s size and shape.

What qualities of durability should I look for?

When selecting a chainsaw holder, durability is important. Look for holders constructed of robust materials like metal or plastic. Think about the holder’s thickness, construction, and general design. Review customer reviews by checking the manufacturer’s reputation for dependable and durable items.

What safety features ought I to think about?

When choosing a chainsaw holder, safety should come first. Look for holders with security components like locking mechanisms, tight straps, or built-in covers. These measures reduce the possibility of injuries and prevent the chainsaw from being accidentally moved. Pick a holder that offers dependable and strong safety features to feel secure while transporting or storing.

How significant is the simplicity of installation?

Convenience and effective use depend on how simple the installation is. Think about holders that are easy to install and have simple installation instructions. If you want to install the holders on a truck bed, an ATV, a workshop wall, or another area, look for holders with various mounting choices. Choosing a chainsaw holder that is simple to install saves time and work.

Final Word

The top 6 holders are the greatest options for securely holding your priceless instrument. I can confidently say this after rigorous testing of the numerous chainsaw holders readily accessible in 2024. Each holder demonstrated remarkable durability and performance, guaranteeing the highest level of safety for the chainsaw and the user. The top-ranked holders had solid construction, dependable locking mechanisms, and simple installation, making them user-friendly. They also demonstrated flexibility by accommodating different chainsaw types and sizes. 

Any of these solutions would be a good and useful choice if you want to invest in a chainsaw holder to keep your instrument safe and prepared for use whenever necessary. Cheers to chainsawing!

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