Who Makes Troy-Bilt Chainsaws? A Comprehensive Guide

Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Good?

Chainsaws are powerful tools that can make quick work of cutting and trimming trees and logs. As with any power equipment, it’s important to choose a reliable brand that’s known for performance and safety. Troy-Bilt is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, including chainsaws. But who actually makes Troy-Bilt chainsaws?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a close look at Troy-Bilt chainsaws – their history, manufacturing, features, and models. We’ll also provide key information to help you choose the right Troy-Bilt chainsaw for your needs and maintain it for optimal performance. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to prune trees or a professional needing heavy-duty equipment, read on to learn all about these iconic orange chainsaws.

Who Makes Troy-Bilt Chainsaws?

To summarize what we’ve covered so far – Troy-Bilt chainsaws are made by MTD Products, the parent company that owns the Troy-Bilt brand. Although the company originated in 1937, MTD is a modern, global enterprise that produces a wide range of outdoor power equipment. As one of their many brands and subsidiaries, Troy-Bilt operates as a part of the MTD Consumer Group.

Now that we’ve answered the key question, let’s take a closer look at MTD Products and the Troy-Bilt chainsaw models available.

MTD Products, Inc.

With annual revenues over $2 billion, MTD is a powerhouse in outdoor equipment manufacturing. As mentioned earlier, the company is headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, where they also operate multiple manufacturing plants.

In addition to the Troy-Bilt, MTD’s family of brands includes Cub Cadet, Yard Machines, and Robomow. Their extensive outdoor product lineup includes lawn mowers, snow blowers, tillers, trimmers, chainsaws, and much more. MTD sells products through mass retailers, dealer networks, and online.

Given its size and capabilities, it’s no surprise MTD can successfully manufacture a diverse product range like Troy-Bilt chainsaws.

Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Models

Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Good? - Everything to Know in 2024

The Troy-Bilt brand offers several chainsaw models to choose from, available in gas-powered or electric versions. Sizes range from 14″ bars for light pruning up to 20″ pro-grade chainsaws for demanding tree work.

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With innovative features and a durable build, Troy-Bilt chainsaws are designed for both homeowners and outdoor professionals. Models vary in power and capabilities, but all pack the reliability expected from the Troy-Bilt name. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Troy-Bilt CS4214 – 42cc 14-inch gas chainsaw, great for basic property maintenance
  • Troy-Bilt CS4916 – 49cc 16-inch gas chainsaw, ideal for medium yard tasks
  • Troy-Bilt CS5518 – 55cc 18-inch gas chainsaw, perfect for heavy-duty storm cleanup
  • Troy-Bilt XP 16-inch electric chainsaw, quiet and easy-to-use around the home

No matter which Troy-Bilt model you choose, you can expect outstanding performance and value. Next, let’s look at some of the key features that make Troy-Bilt chainsaws top choices for both homeowners and professionals.

Features of Troy-Bilt Chainsaws

In addition to different sizes and power levels, all Troy-Bilt chainsaws are loaded with features to make cutting and trimming easier. Here are some standout benefits you’ll enjoy with a Troy-Bilt chainsaw:

  • High torque engines – Deliver reliable power to cut through wet hardwoods and dense logs with less bogging down
  • Lightweight designs – Reduced weight improves control and maneuverability, especially up in trees
  • SpringAssist starting – The starter cord retracts on its own for hassle-free pull starts every time
  • Multiple bar lengths – Choose from 14″, 16″, 18″, or 20″ bars to match your cutting tasks
  • Automatic oiling – Adjustable, automatic bar and chain oiler provides constant lubrication for smooth operation

Some models also tout anti-vibration features and low-kickback guide bars for added comfort and safety. With this impressive combination of performance, convenience, and control, it’s easy to see why Troy-Bilt chainsaws are trusted by both homeowners and tree care professionals.

Let’s look closer at two of the most beneficial features – hassle-free starting and lightweight comfort.


Hassle-Free Starting

One common frustration with chainsaws is the effort it takes to start them. Between choking, priming, and repeated pulls, firing up a cold saw can be a chore.

Troy-Bilt addresses this issue with SpringAssist starting technology on most models. This innovative system virtually eliminates resistance when pulling the starter cord.

Rather than exerting force to turn the engine over, the starter assembly retracts the cord on its own after each pull. This makes starting as simple as grabbing the handle and pulling the cord until the saw starts up.

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SpringAssist takes the hassle and effort out of getting your Troy-Bilt chainsaw up and running. Even in cold weather, the saw will start smoothly with minimal pulls.

Lightweight Comfort Design

Working with chainsaws often requires holding them overhead for extended periods to cut high branches. This can quickly lead to fatigue, especially with heavier saws.

Troy-Bilt chainsaws are designed for better grip, control, and maneuverability through a reduced weight. Lightweight materials paired with anti-vibration features allow you to operate the saw comfortably for longer periods.

The improved grip and handling go beyond just comfort – a study chainsaw that doesn’t bounce around is also much safer for the operator. Overall, the lightweight configurations of Troy-Bilt saws are ideal for both comfort and control.

Manufacturing Location

We’ve covered the key features and benefits of Troy-Bilt chainsaws. But where are these iconic, orange saws actually built?

Troy-Bilt chainsaws are proudly made in the United States, at the company’s manufacturing facility in Ohio. Keeping production in the U.S. allows for tighter quality control and faster innovation.

Assembly Process

While the chainsaws are assembled domestically, many component parts are sourced globally. This includes materials like plastics and metals, as well as specialized parts like engines and electronics.

Troy-Bilt works with suppliers around the world to obtain the highest quality parts. These components are then brought to the Ohio plant for final assembly.

At the main production facility, all the chainsaw parts are combined – the bars, chains, engines, casings, handles, and labels. The saws run through extensive quality testing before being packaged and shipped out.

By leveraging a worldwide supply network, Troy-Bilt obtains the best components. Final domestic assembly then ensures outstanding quality control and attention to detail.

Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Quality

Given their long history and reputation, it’s no surprise that Troy-Bilt chainsaws are known for reliability and durability. The heavy-duty construction stands up to rugged use, while innovations improve performance and ease of use.

In addition to gas-powered models, Troy-Bilt also makes electric chainsaws ideal for quiet, maintenance cutting. Features like battery compatibility and automatic oiling simplify operation for homeowners.

With a range of models and continuous innovation, Troy-Bilt delivers outstanding chainsaws for both casual users and professionals. And manufacturing the saws domestically enables the company to ensure they meet Troy-Bilt’s high standards.

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When you choose a Troy-Bilt chainsaw, you gain confidence knowing it’s backed by a major U.S. manufacturer with decades of experience. While the brand originated back in the 1930s, today Troy-Bilt chainsaws are made by MTD Products, a global leader in outdoor power equipment.

Troy-Bilt operates as a subsidiary of MTD, with chainsaw engineering, parts sourcing, and manufacturing conducted in Ohio. Thanks to innovative features and rugged build quality, Troy-Bilt saws are trusted by homeowners and professionals alike.

Understanding the heritage and manufacturing process helps explain why Troy-Bilt chainsaws remain leaders in their class. For outstanding performance and safety, be sure to choose Troy-Bilt for your gas-powered or electric chainsaw needs.


Are Troy-Bilt chainsaws suitable for professional use?

Yes, the pro-grade models with 18″ and 20″ bars are built for rugged use by tree services, landscapers, and other professionals. The powerful engines and quiet operation make Troy-Bilt saws ideal for daily commercial use.

What is the warranty on Troy-Bilt chainsaws?

Troy-Bilt chainsaws come with a limited 3-year consumer warranty that covers defects and workmanship issues. Battery-powered models include a 4-year warranty.

How do I maintain my Troy-Bilt chainsaw?

Regularly check the bar oil, air filter, chain tension and sharpness. Follow the manual for lubricating the bar and replacing the spark plug. Proper storage and preventative maintenance will maximize the lifetime of your chainsaw.

Are there any safety features on Troy-Bilt chainsaws?

Yes, Troy-Bilt saws include several safety features like chain brakes, low-kickback guide bars, anti-vibration handles, and throttle safety locks. Always read the safety information before operating any chainsaw.

How do I choose the right size Troy-Bilt chainsaw for my needs?

Consider what size wood you expect to cut most often. For light pruning, a 14” to 16” bar is ideal. For storm cleanup or cutting logs, choose an 18” or 20” pro-grade model. The engine displacement (cc rating) also impacts power.

Are there any electric Troy-Bilt chainsaw models available?

Yes, Troy-Bilt makes both corded electric saws and battery-powered chainsaws. The electric models provide quiet operation and are great for homeowners tackling lighter cutting tasks.

How do I find replacement parts for my Troy-Bilt chainsaw?

You can search for and order parts directly from the Troy-Bilt website. Only use genuine Troy-Bilt parts to ensure proper fit and performance. Retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot also stock common replacement parts.

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